BattleBeauties: Demonatrix and her WereSlave Army

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Date Added: October 22, 2016
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The airFortress, The NightTerror HellaCarrier, looms over Capital City. Demonatrix has been sending out her shock troops looking for Professor Herman Wilson, lead scientist in genetics and bio-enhancements. But with all his science and knowledge he could not stop her forces from taking him. He is Dragged in to be introduced to his new queen in her command room on the NightTerror. Demonatrix's beauty equals her evilness. She gives the worried Professor an ultimatum, he either works for her with his science or she will transform him into one of her WereWolf Slaves. " Alpha Team will save me! " he exclaims... but she has already dismantled that pathetic super team with her sheer numbers of her wereslave army. Demonatrix decides he will be transformed into a wereslave... Then the transmogrification device is placed on his head. Sparks and electricity fly as his mind and genetics are scrambled. The sheer pain of the transformation process tears his mere psyche to shreds. She laughs as the Professor is now unrecognizable from his former self. He is now an obedient puppy for Demonatrix plans. Now, he must join his new brothers and sisters in the kennel. Tomorrow is a big day for the newly transform Wereslaves... it's snip-snip. The super sexy and terrifying Cybill Troy plays Demonatrix. What will befall Captial city? Tune in this new installment of Battlebeauties Category: SUPER VILLAIN www,
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