Cougar Julia Ann Meets Stranger At Gym & Makes Him Follow Her For BJ and Sex

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Gym Queen
September 16, 2013

I work in the wrong gym, nothing like that ever happens to me :-(

Big John 9.5
December 1, 2013

I had something similar to that when I was in the Air force traveling at another air force base on temporary duty; The female captain dropped several large hint's while we're conducting our work-outs and then we were both staying at the same guest visiting officers quarters she turned smiled at me(much in the fashion of good old horn dog Julia) atnd left heft her door open and I had to deduce her room number as I was at the other end of the several hours later and a over-nite visit to my room with the curtains open ...We both fell asleep and not surprisingly, she came very near missing her flight to D.C. to temporary duty at the pentagon where she was an aide to a 3-star General whom she said she was fucking........Hmmm hope he enjoyed the taste of my man member!!!!Oh well all's fair in love and war"... ; 0 !

February 4, 2013

i wanna fuck this stranger too

Pratik Shrestha
November 21, 2012

Males should be merciless and harsh while fucking females as this is the compulsion at the time of this act.

miku XD
June 21, 2012

asu es tia si esta rica como no la tengo de profe en la universidad !!! me la cacho en el reseso !!