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DaneJones Real feelings of lustful intimacy

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January 16, 2012
Da: Dane Jones
Video Description: Blue is one of our favourite models, whether she is making love to a woman or a man, Blue just lets herself go. She has no inhibitions and an ability to completely ignore the camera and focus on the feelings she is experiencing with her partner. She is truly of the moment. Patrick was so excited to work with her, he had to ask us if he would be able to cum during the scene and make a second come shot at the end, he was sure he would not be able to last with her. And who can blame him! Once those blue eyes lock onto yours, and you feel her wet warmness pressing against you, or her lips on your pussy, she starts to own you! Blue wanted to be eaten to orgasm in this scene and Patrick obliges, she says this is the best way for her to come, but even with him inside her Blue is always playing with her clit, taking him deep and allowing herself to spend time on the edge of orgasm.

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    • Claudia January 21, 2013

      If all men ate pussy like this there'd be world peace.

    • LSNSLRND February 8, 2012

      OMG! Somebody finally gets it! If more men understood that THIS is what makes it HOTTTTTTTTTT for their woman...more women would respond this same way with their man. Making love, passionately, with real emotion, really connecting on the mental, physical and emotional level will get you a woman who can't keep her hands off of you whe never the two of you are alone. Constantly telling her you want to have SEX, don't get enough SEX, you really like SEX and wanna FUCK her brains out will give you a frigid, sexless bitch who hopes you leave for work tomorrow and never return home again.

    • Meg September 14, 2012

      I ache for sex with a man who actually knows what the hell he is doing!

    • Lucy December 14, 2012

      does this guy have any more videos?

    • SANJAY August 22, 2012

      I LIKE THIS....................................

    • sue September 18, 2012

      that guy really knows how to fuck!

    • fucker August 20, 2012

      hot fucking

    • Karine August 10, 2012

      Really good video! I can watch every day too loll Patrick is so sexy :P

    • French_Best August 17, 2012

      Mon dieu c'est quoi s'te meuf elle est trop Bonne !!!

    • Japanese girl August 23, 2012

      Oh my,perfect making love! Who will do that to me? That's my dream!

    • ify September 4, 2012

      Blue is certainly blue, wish it was my cock in that sexy pussy

    • i need u.... August 20, 2015

      i like to fuck my girlfriend. her name is jennifer.

    • hungrygirl August 31, 2012

      how can i have sex with this man? im 5 ft 3in long brown hair green eyes, c-cup, with glasses, i want to be loved like this!!!!!!

    • ayema August 21, 2012

      why mostly girls have dark colour pussy????Is there any one who can ans me please

    • Educated Indian August 19, 2012

      whose a hot chick whose ready for sex?

    • Franco August 4, 2012

      This is a hot video. She has incredib;e nipples and really shows her love of his cock when he moans. I would love tomake love with her.

    • Big pussy August 7, 2012

      Oh my gosh, i loooooove !

    • A.Chang August 9, 2012

      Suuuuuuuuper!!!!!! Hmmmm.........

    • unknown.g. August 10, 2012

      the chemistry they have is amazing. i could watch this every day and still get as horney as i am right now. GREATEST VIDEO OF ALL TIMES. Period.

    • Sexy September 6, 2012

      Blue is a very very beautiful Young Woman and loves sex and foreplay and cunnilingus Knows how to ride too very good at moving her Very beautiful Bum very sensuously while riding him and has very intense orgasms which Blue enjoys experiening judging by the Smile and expressions on her Very Beautiful Face has very beautiful small Breasts Lovely Nipples and a very pretty small Nose. I Like Blue a lot enough to go to Bed with her and make love together on the Bed making it creak very nicely and Give Blue much pleasure and sexual satisfaction and very intense and very satisfying Orgasms.

    • Brownie September 8, 2012

      Damn! it reminds me when I'm having sex with my sexy boy

    • dj October 1, 2012


    • Rich September 30, 2012

      Awesome! Thank you, I love the intimacy of this clip.

    • s kumar October 2, 2012

      it is too hot sex amazing wow too sexy

    • ??? October 5, 2012


    • Bgrimm October 21, 2012

      Fuck me slut

    • bgrimm October 8, 2012

      Best pussy eating....ever !!!

    • BustyBabe September 22, 2012

      oh fuck, am a girl and just came like i hadnt in a long time, the teasing made me so effing horny!

    • nchoOLe.. September 20, 2012

      loL PERFECT vedio hahha

    • MaybeI'mAmazed July 25, 2015

      This guy (Patrick) is amazing. Check him out in DANEJONES "Impregnate Me"

    • naughtygirl September 9, 2012

      I LOVE this video. I wish to have sex with Patrick....

    • whiteboywasted September 16, 2012

      lawd that was hot

    • jon September 17, 2012

      thats how its suppose to look

    • prakhar September 17, 2012

      that pussy is lovely

    • Lcpd August 3, 2012

      Nice. :P

    • KUMAR July 30, 2012


    • toor June 30, 2012

      Chut bai sexy hai

    • taz June 26, 2012

      He is a lucky man

    • hot dick July 1, 2012

      if i had her cunt i would bite on it all day long

    • maska99 July 5, 2012

      i luvdat gal

    • sexy July 7, 2012

      i would have spent more time doing blue in the missionary position than on the video very little time is blue in the missionary position on the video before he has to withdraw his penis from blues Vagina to ejaculate with Blues helping fingers and Hand masturbating his Penis No Doggy too But blue likes fellatio and riding and enjoys Cunnilingus which he is very good at performing on Blues Clitoris and Vagina and blue has a intense orgasm one of a couple which Blue enjoys having judging by her reactions and smiles on her very beautiful face Lovely smiles too on her face. More of Blue please on video

    • satyan July 5, 2012

      excelent way to perform intimacy hot to see then other sites

    • Thisisperfect June 23, 2012

      I don't even feel like I'm watching pornography, it's portrayed that well.

    • ME - PSA June 22, 2012

      Finally, a video worth watching more than once. This is what it's all about. Good, honest, clean and intimate sex. After all, not all sex is one night stands, which is what some porn videos portray. I like that even when she is on top, he is still in control :) She seems to like the sex, and is not just in it for the money. I hate all that shouting, agressive fake sex they put on here... you know who you are!

    • nyasha May 18, 2012

      i loving her ass

    • Man May 18, 2012

      Lovely sex!

    • sexy June 4, 2012

      A Lovely Video full of Clean loving Sex between man and Woman And Vice-versa includes Foreplay to and Fellatio which Blue is very good at performing and enjoys performing it also is a very ggod rider uses very nice movements while riding him besides moving up and down at a very nice pace on his Penis Blus likes cunnilingus too being performed on her Clitoris and Vagina with his tongue etc and likes the missionary position which there is not much of, pity Blue is a very Beautiful young woman with a lovely Smile on her Face and Very Beautiful Small Breasts and enjoys making Love on a Lovely Bed with him

    • shygirl June 6, 2012


    • abc June 20, 2012

      She's increadable hot, perfect body, beautiful breasts. Awesome.

    • sexy June 12, 2012

      blue has very intense very satisfyinig very intense Orgasms towards the end as on can hear and see by the lovely smile on her very beautiful face and the way Blue sgueezes her Breasts during her Very Intense very satisfying Orgasm's .Blue is a very Beautiful Woman all over

    • finally hot sex for the ladies July 10, 2012

      Yum! Yeah, he's def a reminder of Vince Vaughn..hotness! Blue, well - good god girl you are h.o.t and the chemistry you two have is amazeballs. I could watch you guys all night like this....aaaaahhhhh

    • heuoo July 10, 2012

      the best,,

    • lkj;l;k;lkl;lk;l July 24, 2012


    • boy July 18, 2012

      i know she is from crez republic what is her name

    • Imagine Thiss July 24, 2012

      Damnn ! I wanna be fucked like that !

    • sexy July 27, 2012

      more of Blue Please in the Missionary Position and Doggy which there is None of Blue in on this video; Blue is a very Beautiful Young woman all over Beautiful Face Eyes Very pretty Small Nose, Very kissable Lips on her mouth, Very Beautiful Breasts and Lovely Nipples vVery beautery beautiful Body and Figure very beautiful Back and Bum. and a very pretty Vagina has Blue asone can see as he performs Cunninlingus on her Vagina and Clitoris which Blue likes judging by her reactions a expert at fellatio and Riding to is Blue knows how to move Does Blue to pleasure him and herself at the sametime uses her bum very nicely too. A Very good clean video of loving Sex

    • unknown July 28, 2012

      DreamTeam :D

    • peser July 28, 2012

      hay sweet com on my cook, and enjoy of real cook

    • apple July 14, 2012

      oh im getting wet!! fuck!!!. im hungry for this,.hmmn.

    • someone July 13, 2012

      I like these kind of videos

    • will July 10, 2012

      yet another beautiful girl wasted in the industry of pornography.

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    • sexmen ks July 10, 2012

      danejon y LOV

    • Ashley sexy bitch July 12, 2012

      He,s sexy

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    • ann November 1, 2012

      i like the boy

    • anon December 4, 2012

      She is welcome to milk every drop of cum out of my cock all over her tight body any time

    • talkav13 January 15, 2014

      Аппетитна .....оченЬ!

    • xxx January 13, 2014

      Wow!!! Bella!

    • Popeye January 19, 2014

      OMG this is one of the most sexy videos I ever watched!

    • angkbayao January 29, 2014

      LOOOOOOVE how sensual this is!!!

    • Post As...dd March 4, 2014


    • Post As...xds February 28, 2014

      amateur de 1 le mec sais pas si prendre et de 2 on vois bien que la fille simule le plaisir parce elle resend rien

    • evelin January 13, 2014

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    • Voodoo December 27, 2013

      That's the most beautiful girl I ever saw on YouPorn.

    • shefakedit. November 8, 2013

      i thought porn stars were supposed to have big cocks? like forreal what the fuck is that 3 inch little dick gone do.

    • deerhunt October 23, 2013

      Whats her name ??

    • dvbhgbc November 9, 2013

      i need a girl

    • m November 20, 2013

      what is her name?

    • ATiffanyLoving December 2, 2013

      I love Tiffany ! ..

    • paddy quinn November 29, 2013

      will you suck my dick and then i will put my cock up your ass and then in your pussy

    • gra07 March 6, 2014

      Luv it so sensual....

    • James June 8, 2014

      Hot horny stuff

    • mercystaana September 7, 2014


    • Lady August 27, 2014

      I swear he looks like Jean Reno !

    • guadalest October 21, 2014

      Blue is a very beautiful woman probably still is does not make to much sound while making love but still enjoys it has a very pretty small nose very beautiful face and very beautiful Breasts and body and a very beautiful figure Likes fellatio and cunninlingus and likes riding and enjoys intense Orgasms which all women should experience during sex and foreplay the more intense the better and multiple Orgasms women should experience afterwards they should be truly sexually satisfied as Blue is

    • DOC4142 January 16, 2015


    • ph-rikart486 May 1, 2015

      Lovely young lady gives good head. Service well done, like a good little whore. A candidate for my next fuck-bunny. Kept in the sape bedroom she can provide daily sexual service, as well as housekeeping, shopping, holding a job and bringing home money,laundry and whatever. Mornings she can suck my dick. Evening we have variety, but riding me cowgirl like in the video is welcome. Perky little tits need daily stimulation. The more cum she swallows, the more they grow! What a sweetheart little bitch!

    • wrestlingsince90 April 12, 2015

      The chick has great moves but he ruins it by trying to control her when she's on top

    • Amy August 21, 2014

      Request more videos by HIM

    • porn katherine August 8, 2014

      Katherine por te amo quiero muchohuila garces

    • pornkitty June 12, 2014

      omg I want his tongue inside of me I orgasmed from this like damn love this so much

    • Aaron June 10, 2014

      Her! Nipples! WOW!

    • Jilian19 June 14, 2014

      Omg... I miss this sensual feeling I like this vedio more...

    • JayLo July 14, 2014

      Where is the passionate sound from the lovers?

    • Chapa July 16, 2014

      i like this video. so come and fuck with me also.

    • broham October 5, 2013

      Dam she is hot. white girls pussy are the best can't believe Vince Vaughn doing porn now

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      Yo lo ago por el si mami yo tengo 24 yo te compro todo lo se tu qieras por aserme una cita con tiro *-*

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    • honey+singh January 30, 2013


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