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First Time Anal_Taylor

Pubblicità da Traffic Junky
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August 24, 2011
Da: anal
Video Description: My GFs first time Anal

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    • Julie Lynn May 11, 2013

      Maybe her first time on film, but I bet she's shoved a few toys up there before this. Who wouldn't? I butt fuck myself all the time with my big red jelly dong with ballsy base. I fuck my ass good.

    • Roger doger December 30, 2011

      Lol i love the sudden camra super shaking at the end xD

    • Chuck Norris December 31, 2011

      I couldn't cum to this!!

    • T&P February 22, 2012

      Not without my anus

    • yeah right February 22, 2012

      In the beggining you can see her asshole. Her ass is more open, than a 12 caliber rifle.

    • Cumt February 21, 2012

      Taylor Dare is the name.

    • thorens January 18, 2012

      Wohnt da eener?

    • xxx January 16, 2012

      when I did it for the first time with my was SOOO hot. I was putting it in and she was like no no no it hurts...but she kept moving her ass down on my dick.....SOOO totally hot. we did a few times...I think she started to like it. I was with ANOTHER girl and she WANTED it....THAT was kinda hot. She said...just DO CANT hurt me!! it was wild....

    • porn_master_yoda January 17, 2012

      i like trains

    • raeee February 23, 2012

      Oh please, I've seen tighter assholes on streetwalking whores. A real first-time anal recipient has a tiny hole for an anus with a cute little star pattern around it. This chick has a gaping black hole for an ass. She has been AROUND the ass block.

    • graybeard37 March 1, 2012


    • fuck June 28, 2012

      the faces that girl can make mmmmmmmmmm

    • ljgdsa July 8, 2012

      i would stick my cock in her asshole shes fuckin hot

    • Bigm July 9, 2012

      Great arse very hot young girl. Marriage material

    • mohamed June 16, 2012

      I love u

    • annanann May 26, 2012

      youre 1 lucky guy!

    • Anal-fan April 3, 2012

      She lies about this being her first time but I will do her any fucking day !!

    • Mr Dick May 11, 2012

      Thats how you fuck a girl in the ass you start by putting one finger then two then three real slow then you can put anysizy cock in her ass go slow at first then speed it up she'll begin to like it when that happens go too twon on her she will love you forever................

    • hahalol March 3, 2012

      if it is her first time anal, it's my first handjob....

    • deli December 29, 2011

      shes very sexy ,and seems like a fun girl too

    • suckmyazzitsmells November 15, 2011

      I might have to watch this again.

    • macho November 20, 2011

      that asshole was so big that i could drive a truck though it.first time my ass.

    • Buck Fitch November 29, 2011

      This reminds me of my current gf's first anal & what a turn on ... she was craving anal within a week and now wants it all the time. I shoot in her ass 4x a week and she says the orgasms are deep resonations inside her not like pussy orgams which she says hers are "peaky"! I'll put up a video of her getting anal fucked soon!

    • dj November 11, 2011

      Shut the fuck up bitch

    • Nepher November 5, 2011

      First time my ass! But good video none the less

    • MobbyDick October 22, 2011

      First time... that day, maybe ?

    • mace October 29, 2011

      @DickosaurusX then introduce me to your mom please :)

    • briggs5550 November 1, 2011

      best girlfriend ever

    • the pro December 2, 2011

      one of the worst positions to do for first time anal noobs

    • pilot December 4, 2011

      i would lick her ass for days

    • uh? December 16, 2011

      i wonder if her husband knows? he must be PISSSED

    • Polish Penetrator December 19, 2011

      nice vide my dick is just like that minus the curve now i just need a ass.....

    • analer December 20, 2011

      good fine and beautiful view!! looking down from bird's eye, her two mountain-butt are widely opened and slowly penetrated deeper and deeper by fat thick penis .Oh,I'd like to do the same!!

    • MrDerp December 16, 2011

      She's so fucking annoying... the acting is terrible. She's hot but it's a good thing there's a fucking mute button.

    • Tom December 12, 2011

      when I first time dipped my dick in my gf's ass we used hell of a lot of lubricants and I just slid there instantly. She afterwards said it was painful in the beginning but it quickly turned to enjoyable feeling. Since then we do anal every second day and I always come inside her... awesome...

    • MrTylerDurden December 11, 2011

      Perhaps first anal in front of a video camera...

    • gert December 11, 2011

      she is soooooooooo hot

    • I see u August 23, 2012

      Thats nice

    • Smillsfunds October 1, 2012

      It is so f that these people fill these cute girls faces with their cum instead of letting them directly have them in their mouth if so prefer... Maybe they are follow a tratidion? or whatever ... it ruins the last part of the clip.

    • hallpassguy March 19, 2014

      Really enjoyed this video -- came twice. A girlfriend with an ass like that who suggests anal? I am so jealous of this guy!

    • h June 11, 2014

      This bitch talks too much and has an annoying voice

    • Krittek June 14, 2014

      I'm not convinced this was her first anal. My main reason: There's randomly a bottle of anal lube ready.

    • Anon February 24, 2014

      One of my favourite anal videos, especially when he forces it in at 16:25

    • Pow February 11, 2014

      It is not her first time...

    • gros seins October 6, 2013

      SERIEUX : je cherche des hommes plus agés que moi sur strasbourg pour me defoncer ... j'adore sucer, j'ai 23 ans... Comment faire ?

    • Brazilian hottie December 8, 2013

      Omg!!!! I could totally fuck both of them! My pussy became completely wet and started to blink! What a amazing cock and delicious pussy.. I could lick her for hours and ride him for days!

    • Jim January 30, 2014

      I love licking my wife anal before i put my cock in her anal and i love to fuck it and cum inside her anal

    • Samantha July 26, 2014

      Fuck what the article says XD

    • Jim August 3, 2014

      I love anal sex. I wish could find someone who let me due anal sex. I would love to due anal sex with her

    • ray April 28, 2015

      Stop being a bitch Take. it like a gay guy.

    • TyR May 17, 2015

      my internets cut off, did she get her butt fucked?

    • omid June 21, 2015

      i need sex yor maders lol lol

    • mantric April 24, 2015

      that's how you do anal: communicate to her !

    • TjX April 14, 2015

      I'm sure daddy or uncle rex got to this pretty early in life, after all, she has tats

    • beefysdingo August 25, 2014

      Actress: Taylor Dare

    • Archrod January 7, 2015

      It would have been cool if they started out with a good, long mutual ass-finger fucking. But really, that was pretty hot. I asked a babe once why it seemed so extra arousing for her to be on her tummy while I ass-fucked her. She said it was because of the sensation of her cheeks being penetrated, not just her asshole. Her inner cheeks were definitely among her most erogenous zones. I have sinse found that to be fairly common. Plow on!

    • hernameisALEX July 31, 2013

      lol i know this girl

    • rocket July 21, 2013

      thats def not her first time with anal

    • dada December 16, 2012

      Fuck you with this bagged site

    • JACKSPARROW200 December 20, 2012


    • Post as...28cm December 27, 2012

      a rebentar ese culo ricooooooo....sensual el video...

    • sy brian de moreno de f.alvares queres venir hermosa tas morrrrrrrrrrtallll besos December 16, 2012

      ta reeeeeeeee buena esa piva ta para el crimen esa

    • Mechael Jackson December 5, 2012

      Wow so beautiful.........

    • DickosaurusX October 19, 2011

      Whoah... that looks like... my mum?!

    • sss October 7, 2012


    • Old man November 13, 2012

      While this may not be her first time, she acts as if it was. Reminds me of the first time with my girlfriend. I oiled her ass up, and she let me in, but at first it hurt her. A liitle more baby oil, and my cock went deeper. Finally, she started moving her ass onto my cock and it went deeper and deeper. It did hurt her, but she enjoyed it. We do this every once in a while. Sometimes, with my cock in her pussy, I stick my finger in her ass and feel my cock banging away. We have great orgasms.

    • Fred Flintstone January 22, 2013

      That's a nice tapping of the ass right there... Wilma's gettin' a drillin' tonight baby!!! Wooo HOOO!!!

    • weeds January 31, 2013

      shit baby

    • fatzz June 3, 2013

      last sunday i also 1st time anal.. wow.. best

    • john June 5, 2013

      sacree p'tite femme;j'adore

    • Post as June 9, 2013

      Nice Cumstache

    • Rubbermonkey April 28, 2013


    • ChalieBoy March 1, 2013

      just nice

    • ALL CAPS February 16, 2013


    • playman64 February 20, 2013

      First time or not she is great. I would violate her ass if I could, and fill her rectum full of cum. I would Love to see her gaping asshole.

    • player003 September 16, 2012

      i love it

    • The Judge October 14, 2011

      This was a good video... but atleast dont lie and say its your first time..

    • deli August 24, 2011

      dont know if this is really her first but 90% of the time its NOWhERE near their first time

    • kerrico August 24, 2011

      take it like a man bitch

    • Hardick August 24, 2011

      First time??? Noway!!!!

    • yo August 24, 2011

      first time????????????? ahhahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaa

    • A August 24, 2011

      A heart-warming tale about over-cumming adversity and conquering fear.

    • CoolJoe August 24, 2011

      I'm not a fan of anal, I'd rather fuck her pussy, but that is a really nice ass!

    • hahah August 24, 2011

      "cmon, make love to my butt"

    • Jacky August 24, 2011

      my first time anal was about a month ago and boy was it painful but so good. i really want to be sandwiched by two cocks and wondered if there are any takers??

    • slurpew August 24, 2011

      Instantly one of my favorites. Very little of the usual porn bullshit. The couple talks like normal human beings, except for near the end, where she descends into porn speech. Good job.

    • 1212 August 24, 2011

      girlz ugly as hell

    • BigGuy August 24, 2011

      I have done first time anal with many girls, and this is NOT her first time. His cock slipped right in there. Still, I would eat her ass and fuck it for hours.

    • Jacky August 25, 2011

      hey bigguy, could you fuck my ass for hours??

    • PIGION TOE August 25, 2011

      should of let me ram it in her when i smashed it... not that big

    • Teacher August 24, 2011

      You pass!

    • realguy August 24, 2011

      what a weak ass chick she needs it hard in her ass

    • joannijmegenned August 24, 2011

      hmm lekker; ik wens dat iemand mij netzo als bij haar exact dezelde les geeft. MHHHH dit is so fucking good en heerlijk; dit wil ik zo graag hebben, voelen en meemaken. Wie zorgt dat het mij gebeurd en op film komt? Please???????????????????? I wanna be assfucked

    • anon August 24, 2011

      not a tight ass at all! lol

    • Ceaser August 24, 2011

      God i have seen better acting from kristen stewart or keanu reeves. But god she was hot

    • aSS August 24, 2011


    • MKB August 24, 2011

      She is one hell of a good sport and has one hot tight ass..................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • King Kong August 24, 2011

      Probably hurts because the guy is hung like a friggin horse.

    • thickun August 24, 2011

      cheers that was shit !!

    • Chuck August 24, 2011

      i cummed to this :)

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