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Petite Babe Gets Her Mouth Fucked

Pubblicità da Traffic Junky
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    • bel August 5, 2012


    • jo August 22, 2012

      i love her.....

    • o.O July 31, 2012

      anyone notice the magically appeared mic

    • manuka13th July 31, 2012

      Beautifull I Love Her... She Have A Underfulll Eyes Beautifull Sucks Very Well/Good ... Perfect....

    • .,././ June 26, 2012

      /ove u

    • deli September 12, 2012

      perfect smile

    • Mad September 23, 2012

      She is fit.

    • woot October 25, 2012


    • rose October 30, 2012

      very stupid and crazy i have ever seen.....

    • Я October 23, 2012


    • joe October 23, 2012

      can't waite to get a blowjob from her.she will love swallowing all my hot and thick cum. mmmmmm

    • Kinda October 19, 2012

      God... I want wife like this (^,^)

    • pizzaman559 May 13, 2012

      this girl is so amazingly beautiful never get tired of watchin this video

    • SPEEDER May 7, 2012

      FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Loveblonds December 29, 2011

      Wow....what a great fucking perfect

    • Duke17 January 7, 2012

      wow beautiful yng grl awesome cock sucker hot bod she luvs cock perfect tite wet yng cunt , hot cum & swallow, luv her.

    • Miky December 24, 2011

      Those Lips! That Tongue! The Cum! Compliments !!!

    • ted December 14, 2011

      i'd love to fuck her

    • .... December 8, 2011

      She has very nice eyes

    • Benedict January 10, 2012

      Holy smokes, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a human being- I didn't watch past 1:30.

    • Leslaliun January 22, 2012


    • HYBREED April 1, 2012

      MARVELous eyes baby !id love to fuck you till you scream :)

    • Gil March 30, 2012

      i want to see more of her did have a website?

    • chowda-head March 22, 2012

      Sweet girl, but you start talking to her at the end? dude, we dont need to hear you !

    • what a February 9, 2012

      beauty,...those eyes...damn!

    • joe November 27, 2012

      love thosa southern girls sucking my cock.there's is nothing better then a great looking southern girl sucking my prick and licking my balls till i cum in her mouth and fill it up with a big hot sticky and gooey load of my cummmmmm.

    • cazzo November 29, 2012

      it s beutiful

    • xo1 owner June 21, 2013

      shes a sweetheart

    • induwara June 24, 2013

      i wont to sex and i put my peanas to you enag

    • hakim bouriche April 29, 2013

      Toute cette beauté joue. Magnifique beauté. J'espère que ces gestes

    • ify April 29, 2013

      Not sure about her being innocent but she's now a experienced cock sucker level two

    • Meatwacker April 26, 2013

      She was sweet and innocent until she swallowed that cum

    • yeah August 25, 2013

      Her kids will be able to watch mom suck and fuck. These girls are not very bright.

    • IHateDumbCunts December 17, 2013

      Those red bumps really sent me over the edge. Nobody likes some horrible cunt rash like I do.

    • Anonnnn February 24, 2014

      Longer video equals Longer interview that we skip anyway

    • YouKnowWhoItIs February 25, 2014

      Great fucking body, but she seemed really out of it and didnt even try to sound realistic.

    • Howard Stern January 19, 2014


    • _dari0_ January 5, 2014

      Who is this girl??

    • Ima Sosure December 31, 2013

      As usual, the Amateur Allure guy is an asshole. The girl is very pretty, but I wish these videos would take off their clothes. I'm a little bit in love with this young woman.

    • idung March 27, 2013


    • agent007 March 11, 2013

      yea why is that

    • Her+name+ January 4, 2013


    • Dien Ho January 9, 2013

      She good

    • Manny December 26, 2012

      the best this video is so nice i bet everyman's fantasy is to be with a girl like you in private thanks for it

    • Post as... December 21, 2012

      Leave a comment...COQUINNE

    • Bighockeycock December 5, 2012


    • rubitallaround January 18, 2013

      Like it when the woman is on top.

    • david January 21, 2013

      oh hot!!

    • titty lover March 6, 2013

      why don't you ever show this girls tits?

    • ugo February 28, 2013

      occhi di cielo; bocca da inferi

    • Mr. DEFresh February 13, 2013

      She's beautiful. Love that look on her face when she's fucking. Hope she makes a career in porn!

    • Scotty February 9, 2013

      I want the girl and the music !

    • TiefInMir November 27, 2011

      are there any germans? Who wanna FU.K with me?

    • swallowdammit November 12, 2011

      Seriously. If you guys over at Amateur Allure can't manage to cum into a girl's mouth while she's giving you a blowjob and have to jerk yourself off instead, hire me to take your place. I assure you I could cum into that girl's mouth without resorting to jerking myself off. And I'd coach her into kissing, licking and stroking my balls at some point along the way, too. I won't charge much. You can still handle the camera and your own dick. I'll handle the fucking and cumming into the girl's mouth without jerking myself off. Deal?

    • ed July 8, 2011

      4:50 she does the 'push away" move for fear of being deepthroated. what a turn off. plus we never see her body much less her legs. waste of a pretty girl in a porno.

    • nice July 8, 2011


    • Retrex July 8, 2011

      Id wanna suck her feet :D

    • John July 8, 2011

      Whats her name? #DamnCute

    • dax July 8, 2011

      favorited partly for the music

    • xxx July 8, 2011

      these amateur allure vids are all the same. beautiful young women with lots of makeup fuck the shit out of some guy...who then for some strange reason has to jerk off to cum. looks good, but weak endings.

    • Gucci Bandana July 8, 2011

      I love his mirrored belt

    • perry July 9, 2011

      fuck,what a beaty.who are you.j want you

    • bjscholar July 9, 2011

      She never once kissed and licked his balls like she couldn't wait to get what was inside them into her mouth. I'm afraid I'll have to take some serious points off for that. And, yes, what's with these guys who have to jerk themselves off to cum into a girl's mouth? Trust me, we will KNOW you came into her mouth if she does all the work as long as we see at least one squirt from the outside or she gives us a glimpse before it goes down the hatch.

    • cj July 9, 2011

      super jizz over here!

    • HOLY SHIT July 9, 2011

      men this girl is THE PERFECT PACKAGE she is perfect. NICE Breast, Nice skin tone, beautiful eyes, Fantastic moaning, Pretty face, And my favorite *perfect rounded butt * :)

    • ogodbaby July 9, 2011

      i just cummed so hard omg fack fack fack i totally fast forwarded to the cum swallow

    • LoveBlueEyes! July 8, 2011

      Shes ALL around amazing! So fucking cute!

    • animalmx52 July 8, 2011

      I thought it was tame, she needed to show more passion about the whole thing it was too clinical.

    • ok July 8, 2011

      its ok

    • india lover July 8, 2011

      so cute, love that smile

    • ted July 8, 2011


    • Yazz July 8, 2011

      Damn it, nice girl

    • :O July 8, 2011

      this girl is amazing...

    • Damn! July 8, 2011

      That is quite simply one of the best videos I've ever seen on here. Simply gorgeous.

    • Sedative July 8, 2011

      She has great blowjob eyes.

    • what music? July 8, 2011

      whats the name of the song? nice, i really had a spirutual moment because of that

    • wayne? July 8, 2011

      diz gurl has amazin eyez

    • Love it July 8, 2011

      OMFG.. her eyes .. so amazing.. best head i have seen in a long time

    • WHAT July 8, 2011


    • dj July 10, 2011

      I would have cum in her

    • mariko_ito July 10, 2011


    • da realness September 29, 2011

      bad broad i love a bitch that swallow cum them eyes was the best but 4 real this video was jus ok

    • Go Rebels September 30, 2011

      Shes a Mississippi Girl alright. I went to high school with her. Her daddy is a preacher. We are all really shocked by this. She was a very good girl in High School. From what I have heard, her family is pissed that she has done this.

    • dirtyjo September 26, 2011

      did she really say "penis"???

    • pizzaman559 September 21, 2011

      this girl is beautiful all the way around eyes are amazing , ass is beautiful,breasts are nice,unless this girl got good money to fuck on here dont see y shes on here she could get any guy she wanted , best amature allure ever seen

    • deli September 14, 2011

      very very cute those cameras he uses allways brings out their eyes ...i like it

    • yum October 4, 2011

      Man, does this beautiful sexy sweetheart looking of a girl have a name? She makes me wish I had a female friend that looked like that, not to sound cheesy, but I would love to treat her so good, and if my sex wasn't good enough(I get told im good but girls lie) she has her work. She didn't come off as a tramp to me like lots of porn girls, she reminds me sex isn't that dirty and very good for the soul if practiced safely. Such a sexy cute godess.

    • yum October 4, 2011

      sorry, was watching on mute earlier, Maylin is her name.

    • Ltc Cobra October 19, 2011

      what a nice girl. I want her and I let her do like this on my cock. ..

    • v-dog October 11, 2011

      parisien. what else...?

    • Cunnilinguo October 11, 2011

      We are sons of the dead and we must die. So: fuck, fuck!

    • Andy October 10, 2011

      She looks french, and she is good lookin

    • chn September 14, 2011

      girl looks nice... but she seems to be a lame fuck.

    • eagle eye September 13, 2011

      she douse have a tattoo its 8 min 58 seconds in were her shirt starts to lift up .

    • Dr. Jones July 18, 2011

      hot girl, lame porn.

    • french sex toy July 21, 2011

      so beautiful !!! best girl I see here ! she sucks so good she is fucked so good and her voice..... I jizz

    • writer24 July 17, 2011

      After seeing this woman who the fuck needs to watch another video? I mean yeah I will too but you know what I mean...holy fuck!!

    • wolfe July 14, 2011

      fuck me next

    • Hunter79 July 11, 2011

      Man i love this music, i heard ot somewhere else, i dont know if it was on a UFO vid or something related. Please tell me whats the name of the music? to the dude that said it freaks him, relax dude, this extra nice because of the music, added a nice mystical touch to it.

    • Steve July 24, 2011

      There are those Amature Allure eyes again. How does he do that? Does he make them all put in identical contact lenses?

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