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Oh yeah, thats the way

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April 7, 2011

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    • abcd January 21, 2013

      wow... the acting in this reminds me of the twilight girl...

    • saturn July 25, 2012

      too many boring and fake videos

    • Ginger January 20, 2012

      She's hot but she talks to much and sounds really fake. And he just doesn't know how to fuck her good. Maybe if he could really fuck her then she wouldn't have to be so fake

    • Noah January 22, 2012

      Love a hot chick who talks like this during sex...she needs a better dude, one who knows how to fuck instead of laying there like a lump...

    • gigant February 1, 2012

      i want you fuck with me 10inch cock in your ass

    • deli February 3, 2012

      you assholes i thought this was really good till i started reading hte comments, now it just makes me laugh

    • 6 inch dick February 6, 2012

      would you fuck my 6 inch dick

    • Desperate for tits January 14, 2012

      Does she want to lick my nipples (or does anyone else?)

    • deli December 29, 2011

      lol when he speeds up he sounds so funny,hot video but i find it hard to wank when i keep cracking up

    • lolz December 29, 2011

      she needs a cock in her mouth so she can shut up

    • Analsor January 4, 2012

      taking fucking matters in their hands is same with the foreplays

    • bored January 12, 2012

      they don't fuck! just move around and talk bull... if this was good sex it'd be a nightmare!!!

    • whats of a man February 9, 2012

      seriously?! dude is the worst lay ever..lazy fuck, the bitch wants to be pounded...what a small hammer he has too more like a nail

    • chapuisac March 28, 2012

      si yo me cojo a esa vieja ay me pone casa... this im fucking this girl mi dick hard, this girl me have pone home foreverrr

    • blender June 28, 2012

      this is really i tried

    • gaber June 30, 2012

      i want to fuck her pussy

    • fan July 15, 2012

      he is so way of her range!!she needs hard and painfull sex!!!

    • Tuchico August 25, 2012

      Increíble cuerpo de la vieja, pero sí, que le pongan cinta canela en la boca.

    • Thom June 17, 2012

      The girl is so fucking sexy. I want to make her cum.

    • mr chan June 5, 2012

      Lucky white ahole!

    • important December 29, 2011

      jajaja turbo

    • XXX March 28, 2012

      This guy sucks he needs to fuck the shit out of her so she will moan and be quite....she wants it bad but he can't give it too her!

    • niax March 29, 2012

      she's so hot!!!

    • 'stupes!' November 30, -0001

      'Who spanks themselves? Really?'

    • xx February 16, 2012

      my boy should learn from him

    • sunglasses December 10, 2011


    • Horse cock August 27, 2011

      Hot little bitch love to feed her some real cock

    • niki August 27, 2011

      she is hot

    • Lisa September 15, 2011

      Too much "Oh, Yeah!!" and "Just like that" or "You like that?!" But the rest is very nice

    • shelly23 September 22, 2011

      why the fuck do some women gota say "fuck me daddy" and shi like dat if i said dat i wud think of my dad and tell my man that we gota start over latter cuz im not horney anymore lol

    • ify September 24, 2011

      Sexy face with cum to bed eyes

    • Frad August 24, 2011

      Their tits the same size

    • esox August 21, 2011

      she's watched too many porno movies. more into how she sounds and acts for the camera.

    • freak August 10, 2011

      02:47 "easy" RoFL

    • hahaha August 10, 2011


    • hover August 12, 2011

      please shut the fuck up. booooooooring!

    • Kitty August 17, 2011

      She's such a weirdo. LOL

    • Noah September 28, 2011

      She talks too much because this lame dude just lays there like a of them has to try to make it interesting...

    • j September 29, 2011

      just like that, just like that, just like that... SHUT THE FUCH UP, just like that

    • Rich November 30, 2011

      Nice snatch mama. Next time take a facial or show us your creampie.

    • xyz December 1, 2011

      hell of a video,love chicks screaming...remember the one i had with my gal,she almost woke up the neighbors.

    • lp December 3, 2011

      yes like that, now stop asking!

    • imboi December 4, 2011

      Oh yeah..just Like that?? please baby. dominate me..Oh baby.....fuck me daddy!! hahah.

    • lk November 28, 2011

      ohh yeah ummh its tight

    • M October 6, 2011

      LMFAO! "Fuck me Daddy!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed so hard I almost shot myself in the eye

    • Holde September 29, 2011

      Just shut up !!!!!!!

    • thatguy September 30, 2011

      talk about faking an orgasm! haha!! lol this chick talks way too much. other than that, she is hot!

    • turner October 1, 2011

      Seems awkward.

    • j October 3, 2011

      too damn many attempts at gymnastics... just fuck the bish. hammer her pussy til she grows hoarse from screaming...

    • ha! September 11, 2012

      Dude cant do that pussy right shes fakin that shit for sure ide like to have a go thats the kinda girl thats want it one step away from punishment

    • Anon September 16, 2012

      This video holds the record for using the word 'baby' the most in a minute. -_-

    • Hared May 14, 2014

      Ya fuck hared

    • KPnuts May 1, 2014

      She needs more than you can give dude.

    • Dirty Duke July 20, 2014

      Is that Kate Winslet?

    • Clancey Howard July 20, 2014

      I love all the jerkoff losers here who are so critical. Look in the mirror, please!

    • if6were9 September 27, 2014

      Her asshole looks so tasty

    • Cassius Cashew March 7, 2014

      Wow, she needs to shut up.

    • duderino March 4, 2014

      she deserves better..his performance was lacking. She was hot and if he'd fucked her properly it would have justified all the noise she was making.

    • Neal November 30, 2013

      All the complaints about her talking! I loved it ( except for the " daddy's" and too many "baby's"). I loved being talked to; talked through a juicy fuck! She could jabber to me anytime. Oh, and nice nipples!

    • dearjulian December 27, 2013

      There are better women.

    • Dan January 13, 2014

      The only thing that sucked in this video is her acting

    • jaun February 5, 2014

      Just shut up!!

    • Randy December 4, 2014

      The only way to shut this bitch up is to fuk her so hard and pull her fucking hair and make her feel Daddy's cock inside her.

    • emtexfan December 21, 2014

      this is totally a german video. the way shes speakin is really german and shes sayin 'Scheiße' very often!

    • Walt July 7, 2015

      Just shut up and give me your pussy, slut.

    • AniB August 7, 2015

      Dream fuck! Oh yeah, just like that babe, you like that, stick it in there baby, oh yeah just like that. Oh dip it in there. Oh, it's so big. mmmmmm. yeah. oh yeah. mmmmm yeah. Fuck me baby!

    • anonymous August 27, 2015

      who is this girl, which is her name.she is very exciting

    • T-Dogg August 30, 2015

      This is great with the sound off... And when I put my hand over her face. So not so great then

    • Sam July 3, 2015

      Open up edin videos an play please

    • Geddy June 17, 2015

      She's hot but a terrible actress. He has no clue how to fuck Lol.

    • km86gt January 7, 2015

      i wanna shag her!

    • Hannah Paige March 3, 2015

      This was boring and too fake.

    • TheMoose May 1, 2015

      Guy couldn't hit water if he fell off a boat

    • Taco June 8, 2015

      He definitely isn't fucking her right. Gimme a call sweety

    • Insatiable November 5, 2013

      BORING as Hell!!!!! Just kept posing for camera:( Shes officially the MOST ANNOYING PERSON on this site, hope she doesn't forget to pick up her prize...SOCKS;)

    • Jerry October 17, 2013

      need to put a sock in her mouth or your dick so she can't talk.

    • who is this girl December 28, 2012

      who is this girl

    • xxx January 7, 2013

      just like that? just like that? just like that? shut up so I can cum!!!

    • Bella February 6, 2013

      Maybe I could have cum if I muted it...

    • dude please! March 9, 2013

      1 - lady be quiet 2 - dude just pound her like the world is gonna end!!!

    • CodeBreaker November 25, 2012

      Good Lord! How many positions do they switch to? "Dominate me!" LMFAO!!!! That's code for: He has a small cock, but doesn't want to hurt his feelings!

    • barfing November 11, 2012

      Could have fucked her harder and longer. What was that? Seriously, don't you know how to hammer a good pussy and take it?

    • MisterMister September 17, 2012

      She has gorgeous feet. I'd do all kinds of naughty to her and her feet.

    • U SUCK October 23, 2012

      COME ON!! BOO!!

    • deja vu all over again October 26, 2012

      Script for this video: oOh baby Oh yeah....repeat 500 times......

    • ill show you how October 26, 2012

      lets see how many positions we can get in for the camera in less than 8 min.....just fuck for gods sake. that girl needs someone who will do her hard.

    • Batwings May 9, 2013

      Great video I dont care if shes fakin. Keep fakin sexxxy

    • Mike May 18, 2013


    • hornybitch666 July 17, 2013

      round the end she said "please fuck me" bitch hes been doing his best for the last 8 minutes.

    • sexy August 1, 2013

      She talks to much she should concentrate on the sex

    • Post As...marcfucksyouhard September 28, 2013

      I think, she thinks, she's a porn star.

    • Taurus October 16, 2013

      We really need to see her feelings. No orgasm, no cum, no sperm...! Too bad for such a nice girl - she could do much better...!

    • tuvwxyz July 10, 2013

      She deserves the "razzberry award". Instead of sticking it in her pussy he should have stuck it in her mouth to shut her up.

    • Beachkyss July 7, 2013

      She would have enjoyed me much better. Really.

    • ??????????????????? May 23, 2013


    • WTF May 26, 2013

      Seriously, this guy does not know what he's doing. It's like he's a fucking virgin and she's having to teach him. Way too much for him.

    • tommybobby June 9, 2013

      if i ever questioned my sexual performance as a guy, i can just watch this dude and instantly feel better about myself. ....seriously

    • aHERDofSEELS June 11, 2013

      DOMINATE ME!!!! lol i laughed more in this video than I was aroused

    • oh fuck August 5, 2011

      love it when she licks his tits, girls need to do this more

    • fuckyfucky July 30, 2011

      guy saying "easy........" LMFAO

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