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The mom fucks the daughters boyfriend

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February 3, 2011
Studio: CDI

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    • Joann February 13, 2013

      I would hate to waste a load of a young man's seed even if it was my daughters b/f. Although I have never had him. They stay hard all night and they cum and cum and cum. When I know my daughter's b/f is coming over, I try to dress up sexy for when he comes in. i want him to look at me and just think about how good I might be. I always put on a very short skirt and my 6 inch heels with a low cut blouse. I can see by the bulge in his pants sometimes he likes what he sees. Maybe one of these days he will have me.

    • Lance January 24, 2013

      My gf's mom came onto me one night while my gf was still at work. At first I thought she was just teasing me, but I realized very quickly she was seriously wanting to fuck. We knew we had 3 hours and we made the most of it. That was the first of many times with the mom, she even came down to my college campus during the week. Only once did she ask if I was fucking her daughter, and I said just twice. Mom and I did twice weekly. My gf finally found out about her mom and me, broke off our relationship, but her mom kept coming to see me. Nothing hotter than a horny mom who looks good and wants it all the time.

    • xxx August 7, 2012

      he cums hand soap!!

    • Fake porn buster February 7, 2011

      They spoiled it all with the fake cum!

    • Jo annie February 10, 2011

      I didn't know my daughter could take such a big dick until I had her bf.He had a giant dick and knew how to use it,I creamed his dick everytime I rode it and he shot his hot sauce all over me and it was a load and a half.He prefers anal which my daughter has not tried with him yet.

    • Jim February 8, 2011

      I was breaking up with a gf, and had gone over to her house to return some items, as well as pick up some to take back. My gf wasn't there, but her mom was (looked like an older sister). Mom hadn't had any in about 6 months, and she felt since I was breaking up with daughter, that she deserved some attention. I visited mom several more times over the next 12 months. She was much hotter than the daughter.

    • jimmypussy123 October 29, 2012

      nice as pussy and dick!

    • Barbara October 7, 2012

      This WOMAN is sexy, hot, she really knows how to fuck. Beautiful breasts, great body, hairy pussy, nice ass, good at sucking cock... the perfect woman.This is one of the best I have ever seen. All married women should get a younger man to be fucked life that.Fill your pussy with big cock.

    • Fel October 27, 2012

      I would fuck her everyday with my big cock.

    • Sex December 5, 2012


    • bucky October 11, 2012

      This true woman is so flat out sexy, in every aspect of the word, wuld love to have her do me, and would do everything in power to please her better than she everhas been.

    • dikky December 16, 2012

      looks real. turns me on real quick

    • gabby February 14, 2013

      It is a nice movie, and a jental kind my favorite the lady is very hot and beauty

    • very beautiful woman February 13, 2013

      very beautiful woman

    • Joan February 10, 2013


    • papi chulo September 11, 2012

      I'd run balls deep in that.

    • swnse December 11, 2012

      wow she so so so so sxy

    • Julie September 7, 2012

      I will agree porn from this era does have a more realistic feel to it, and this hot man knows his stuff!

    • Mamamia January 20, 2012

      Classic porn rules !

    • blue boy January 23, 2012

      OMG amazin vid wish me and him cud fuck her both wank all over her face and lick eachothers cum off her !!

    • DTFthisguy69 January 1, 2012

      It was like a old How Too video

    • rizzo311 December 24, 2011

      15:55 "imagine a baby coming out of that pussy" lol nothing kills the mood faster than mental images of your vagina getting stretched the fuck out lol

    • Benlomond December 11, 2011

      Proves porno actresses haven't got to be glamour pusses and barbi dolls. She is naturally hot, nothing artificial about her.

    • rizzo311 December 24, 2011

      yo its my ma! and i kinda look like that dude!

    • ramwiz January 29, 2012

      Love the mom...very HOT!!!

    • dave January 31, 2012

      i lost my virginty to my gf mom she knew i was virgin she ask me to come over to help her while my gf was at her dads she took me to bedroom took off my cloths and fucked me dont know how many times i came but she sent me home with sore balls than ask me to come over the next day to do it all over again

    • GALLO MEXICANO June 4, 2012


    • harryrex July 5, 2012

      These types of vids are so hot because they seem real.

    • Nikino May 31, 2012


    • SexPro March 5, 2012

      umm,I wanna get fucked like this.The 70's are so hot..

    • sex god February 3, 2012

      Ringer every time?? haha

    • tim February 22, 2012

      what's her name..???

    • jhon March 20, 2013

      i love to fuck this women

    • ronny April 18, 2013

      rico you want to get it on?

    • Blasebalg.-pussydoc October 29, 2014

      Da gibt es bessere Videos, mom sollte zuerst mal ihre Punze rasieren

    • xiphoguy November 28, 2014

      "Let's get in dog fashion". Did they REALLY say that back then?

    • sumone September 1, 2014

      Whats her name

    • 68fastback August 8, 2014

      I gotta tell ya I like her ! nice body wish it were in hq ! swallows cum ,nice tits and ass ! would have liked to seen her asshole though !

    • bi guy June 29, 2014

      great milf nice tits big long cock on the dude nice cum shot love to clean up her ass while this dude fucks my ass

    • Mr. Peepers July 25, 2014

      What a beautiful woman! All class. What she is wearing is perfect. Luv this sweet sexy lady.

    • Default November 30, 2014

      Fuck her in the pussssssy

    • Joey December 3, 2014

      any woman like this in london? I'm really want this.

    • jf2theb31 June 15, 2015

      Its the most hilarious porn scene I've ever seen,thoses lines are killing me lmfao

    • roadtunner August 13, 2015

      i am watching this young guy fuck his mother's mother. he is good at it and she sucks him off until he comes that is certainly at turn on. she is especially a good fuck when he gets his cock inside her pussy. she loves to fuck himand move her pussy around his cock. i personally love when a woman loves to fuck when you eat her and she tells you how good it is for you to eat her. the more she comes, the better i like it. it seems as though once a woman starts to come, she loves to fuck all the more

    • Jango June 3, 2015

      does somebody know her name, please??? Absolutely great! Would love to see more!

    • Joe sum March 2, 2015

      A long haired sailor....gimme a break.

    • Guy January 2, 2015

      God, the background music they used during the "golden age of porn" really sucked!

    • Mr.Peepers February 14, 2015

      Simply Exqisite. I absolutely Luve this beautiful Woman. She is Class! What every sexy, cheating, Whore should look like.

    • bi guy June 28, 2014

      sweet babe dude has a nice cock love to fuck her while he shoves that cock deep up my ass

    • Annsx June 19, 2014

      I would love for my daughters BF to fuck me, he's a nice young lad of about 19,

    • harold July 1, 2013

      Sexy woman

    • Bushwaka July 20, 2013

      Original Milf, I love it, she is Gorgeous ! X

    • Jizz Meriwether May 30, 2013

      what a beautiful woman. so perfect and natural

    • 93xrt May 24, 2013

      Great classic

    • penis April 3, 2013

      they are both fucking HOT

    • Damn Navy November 16, 2011

      He's like. let me rest my cock in your mouth... durr

    • Annon October 27, 2013

      This beautiful lady is all class. What she is wearing is perfect. I just love this sensual woman.

    • MOMMA! November 29, 2013

      Shit I just fell in love with this woman! Holy fuck! Where is Dr. Emmett Brown when you need him? Time to fire up the ol' DeLorean and drive all the way to this bitch's ass!

    • Anybody January 28, 2014

      Lovely MILF tits I just love them

    • sexy girl May 4, 2014

      Wet wet wet

    • jk January 6, 2014

      There is no scene during the entire video, where SHE puts HIS erect penis into HER warm wet vagina. That action could have been included at 2 times during the video; once before the cow girl position, and again before the reverse cow girl. Too bad, he video could have been better.

    • Peter January 1, 2014

      Magnificent tits and nipples. Luv MILF tits

    • M.Y.L.F. December 27, 2013

      What a mouthful ! Lucky woman!

    • rico March 24, 2013

      I thoroughly enjoyed watching that - brings back good memories

    • milf October 6, 2011

      hot milf!

    • Dennis February 5, 2011

      She is realy hot

    • january February 5, 2011

      nice old mom like it

    • OOhh hye February 4, 2011

      WOW WOW WOW. 80'S OR WHAT. Still awsome. i wish i could fuck his cock! GOD!

    • john February 4, 2011

      those were the days my friend

    • wow February 3, 2011

      great porn music,lol

    • ben February 3, 2011

      one of the best videos. she is sooo hot

    • tx February 6, 2011

      what is her name

    • lols February 6, 2011

      this is hilarious

    • Jack March 4, 2011

      That woman is sooooo sexy.

    • nope March 9, 2011

      Does anyone know the name of the woman in this? Who cares how old she is now? This is hot.

    • frank February 20, 2011

      woww 70s sailors are allways on the fast lane !

    • holy crap February 15, 2011

      that guy is a perv man.... sicksicksick dude.

    • Peter February 8, 2011

      Sexy curvy lady

    • CA February 10, 2011

      That dude sounds like Norm MacDonald LOL

    • passarhs February 3, 2011

      FAKE CUM!!!!!!

    • Scorpio February 3, 2011

      Great horny woman!

    • the chief February 3, 2011

      His hair's a little long to be in the Navy. I'm not buying his story.

    • Reall? February 3, 2011

      Funin Sailors

    • lol February 3, 2011

      wtf is this

    • Mr. Right-ish February 3, 2011

      Classics know how to fuck and suck just right, not like these newer ones, Always about the moneyshot and not about the content.

    • crhistie February 3, 2011

      great woman

    • Old school February 3, 2011

      Jesus this is like from the 70s!

    • damn February 3, 2011

      This lady is so hot!

    • Classic February 3, 2011

      Its is from the 70's. Wish I could remember the name of the company...they where hilarious!

    • loooooooooool February 3, 2011

      she got supermaned 'superman that hoe'

    • oooO February 3, 2011

      She is probably dead by now...

    • peenar February 3, 2011

      how many times does this guy have to cum? :P

    • amidusa303 February 3, 2011

      sexbomb! w o w !

    • Haha February 3, 2011

      This is crazy, "You got some whoppers"

    • Mikej March 10, 2011

      Jo annie you can't get enough of your daughter;s boyfriend big dick now.

    • BETOVENENO March 11, 2011


    • zio July 30, 2011

      I like very very much these years...the woman of the 70's were fantastic! great!

    • oliverclosoff698 August 1, 2011

      That 70's instructional video.Guy acts like woman hadn't ever fucked before,damn!!!!

    • Wards not home July 29, 2011

      he should go stuff June Cleaver when he's done with this broad.

    • All Your Base July 25, 2011

      Too. Damn. Funny. Undisputed funniest video I've ever seen on this site. Had to watch the whole thing just for the dialog...Doesn't hurt that the chick is hot n' milfy too.

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