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Black haired beauty waiting to get eaten

Pubblicità da Traffic Junky
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November 21, 2010

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    • mbishop August 2, 2011

      Best video on web Couple truly making love, not acting. Very sensual.

    • Maam August 19, 2012

      A real couple that enjoys pleasing each other. Imagine what they're like when the camera is off. Wish they would share more of their private moments.

    • couchy July 29, 2012

      @bella i would happen to have a quick remedy to that regrettable situation

    • baby love October 23, 2011

      sooooo hot..and d guy hes good eater

    • hard September 8, 2012

      I would like to eat on that pussy. What nice perky nipples on those big tits. This one was good.

    • velik 65 August 29, 2012

      Does anyone know whats her name? i wanna merry her! Her men is a very very lucky MF!

    • Sojata September 7, 2012

      No I am the MILF of all MILFS.

    • ladskjf August 6, 2012

      who are these people? truly amateur? only like 4 videos on here...?

    • liebster July 29, 2012

      She is so hot, and so lovely, I think! I saw her in several clips... :-)

    • BamBamFluffy September 10, 2012

      She really is the milf of milfs. i especially like the booty shake at the end.

    • me October 18, 2012


    • . . . November 20, 2012

      i got the msg about horny,k i'll never call her or see her again.letting her "taking advantage" of my things seemed a way to do good but in fact she doesnt give a fuck,just like anybody else. she talks big time,like she did the heist of the century so i put a fake piece in her hands and ask her to show me how it dont wanna even comment on wish is to get away from this kind of ppl and things,and i mean the ppl and things who i have to see once a week in sandiego or elsewhere too.i wish i can get away from all of this while being near em

    • damn November 24, 2012

      i want somone who can suck my dick like she did

    • Joel January 7, 2013

      To jest super.

    • bucky November 18, 2012

      Don't blame him, I would munch on her snatch for days on in, she is so fine. I want a taste PLEASE. Love those rock hard nipples too. I could suck on them forever as well.

    • evermore November 6, 2012

      love em!!

    • bella July 21, 2012

      omg this looks soo sexy. no ones ever eaten me out before

    • good November 4, 2012


    • Brendi September 22, 2012

      Any guy who is married to her is one lucky son of a bitch.

    • LocalGuy July 13, 2012

      Jesus Christ! She even licked it off her fingers! I know I got that weddin ring around here somewhere

    • fuckme November 18, 2011

      ohh men! any one fuck me that way! ahhuh!

    • Tina December 9, 2011

      Oh My GOD! That was amazing. I LOVE to be licked like that. This guy could lick me for hours. I think oral sex is the most sensual thing a person could do to me. A good tongue licking makes me cum over and over again every time until I just have to make them stop just to catch my breath. I have watched this video so many times while playing with my vibe. Amazing orgasms every time.

    • arab boy December 15, 2011

      Tina .. i like you.

    • commentingonthatporn November 2, 2011

      Decent tits!

    • so lonely October 28, 2011

      wow... how he follows her moves as he works his mouth.... that is how it should be done. What I wouldnt give to have someone like that !

    • Jla veut October 20, 2011

      Il a pas rater la faciale a la fin?

    • Choche October 25, 2011

      Hahaha le avento mas leche en el ojo que en la boca

    • Roger December 19, 2011

      Hay Ki. . . I LOVE eating pussy too. Maybe we can get together.

    • rino December 22, 2011

      name please!

    • Rocco May 29, 2012

      why is he always wearing the t shirt??

    • milf fan July 11, 2012

      Her tits are awesome. I dont care they're fake. I love her.

    • dave January 22, 2013

      she is a beauty.

    • PussyLover April 8, 2012

      What a beautiful scene. Does anyone have the full video? Hope he continued till she melted in his mouth. I wouldn't stop till she begged me to ;-)

    • SLAVA February 1, 2012


    • sexy December 25, 2011

      the woman is enjoying every second of Cunniningus as one can hear and she moves very nicely on the bed as he pleasures her using his tongue etc while betwen her very beautiful thighs plesauring her this is also a form of foreplay before Sex

    • ehh January 2, 2012

      uh I can decorate their room... roflmao

    • sexxymex July 20, 2012

      que rico se deja lamer su vagina, estas muy rica

    • Rick January 27, 2013

      what is her name ?

    • bob September 26, 2014

      i love watching this hot couple! they do love each other and want to make the other feel good ;) she has a beautiful body ;0.... he;s lucky and so is she -love their sex together;)

    • Jim October 12, 2014

      I would love to spread those legs apart and lick that hot looking pussy she have. I would love to have her on my bed and due her like he doing her so any ladies out there what there pussy lick like this please let me know.

    • duckeyhuckey November 26, 2014

      i love her feet

    • Manny September 25, 2014

      Who os she??

    • Who is she??? June 10, 2014

      Who is she???

    • Old Man. February 25, 2014

      I believe she is the one in Milf of All Milfs. Very sexy! Those who don't appreciate long passionate sex, know nothing about sex.,

    • Post As...28 de febrero de 2014 March 1, 2014

      les aviso que no hagan esto a Dios nunca le va agradar tales no entraran reino de los cielos

    • Jim May 25, 2014

      I would love to eat her pussy. I would love to have her wrap her legs around my face and filling her pussy on my face as i lick that pussy and make her cum on my face

    • 12/27/2014 December 28, 2014

      this girl has a great body.

    • Old Man January 9, 2015

      Ah, my favorite star of Milf of All Milfs. What every woman should be. She is mature, enjoys the sex, is soft-spoken, and what a face and body! Just missing pubic hair, which I find very sexy.

    • Prop 7400 August 17, 2015

      It's Bethany Frankel. Before she became famous.

    • mateoooooph August 21, 2015


    • jo August 25, 2015

      awesome, she is totally awesome

    • elhard May 9, 2015

      I like your videos!!!!

    • ph-rikart486 April 19, 2015

      God, this woman looks so desireable right from the start...

    • Appreciative John January 27, 2015

      She pretty much does it all, and seems to really enjoy it all!

    • Uncle Sammy April 17, 2015

      You know there are lots of beautiful women here with great bodies, hot and willing and sexy and I have a few favorites but to find a woman who lkooks at her man with that loving smile and mad desire is just so unique and special and even if she wasn't hot she would still be HOT. Nuff said.

    • duckeyhuckey February 20, 2014

      She has sexy feet. That is so SEXY

    • phootphreak February 5, 2014

      She seems bored,I would fuck her like a ragdoll

    • fuckmeplease April 21, 2013

      not worth it

    • 2FACE May 1, 2013


    • Post As... May 7, 2013

      reagisco nella stessa maniera in cui reagisce questa ragazza...

    • sami March 22, 2013


    • Buzz February 25, 2013


    • moi February 17, 2013

      i love how slowly and lovingly he's eating her.

    • longjohn February 21, 2013

      typical homemade clip .......can't see anything. did nothing for me. boooooring

    • Rob May 14, 2013

      prove it

    • love pussies May 28, 2013

      i'd eat that pussy right now! My wife rarely let me eat hers. I could eat pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    • Tits October 20, 2013

      That is so boring to watch

    • Wow November 24, 2013

      Shes just perfect.

    • nips December 24, 2013

      Her ass is very tight , would have passionate anal sex with her, love to get her pregnant , would be difficult because I would always cum deep in her beautiful tight asshole. She wasted his cum, should have swallowed it.

    • Sailor October 2, 2013

      Mmmmmmmmm, I can even imagine how she tastes.......!!

    • xxx July 8, 2013

      I want his life...I want a girl like that. So I dont have to screw around on my wife...because my wife is FINE with having boring sex ONCE a week. Soooo lame....I gotta get out of this marriage!!! I asked her over and over that I need MORE contact...intimacy.... I should just show her this video....OR just fucking leave!

    • rocky June 17, 2013

      Publiquen mas y ojala q sean asi de exicitantes y con la misma mujer

    • BamBlam July 5, 2013

      What happened to this video? It used to be longer and a great ending.

    • jogn October 13, 2011

      hi dana h r u

    • Joe October 6, 2011

      Boring.....she made no noise and dude looked like he's rather be elsewhere...

    • John November 28, 2010

      Wow! lucky guy! Eating pussy is such a pleasure. I ate some great pussy for an hour last night but I am already hungry for more.

    • Juba Elephant November 29, 2010

      This girl is so sweet. Nice, tender-loving pussy eating video for all of us guys who are compulsive muff divers. What guy wouldn't love to kiss, lick and gently suck this Goddess' little clittie and bring her pussy off?

    • ax November 29, 2010

      who's that girl????

    • nonamer November 24, 2010

      She looks like Julia Roberts.

    • africanporn November 24, 2010

      hot..great post thx

    • Hey! November 22, 2010

      Stopped too soon, we need to see her final orgasm.

    • But more of anything November 22, 2010

      She's really sweet...:)

    • noname November 23, 2010

      the guy is good.

    • Bob December 2, 2010

      Sexy as hell! I even enjoyed watching you paint your toe nails.....HOT! Your sexy long legs put me in a trance! I hope your husband knows how lucky he is.... Keep up the awesome videos you two!

    • ki December 5, 2010

      i'm a girl) i don't like porn sites but the videos of this pair are awesome! ahahha and right after this new one i fell in love with this guy!!! wow but really i'd like to know who put these videos here.. guys! study how to do it right!))

    • December 15, 2010

      lucky guy

    • Juba Elepahant December 15, 2010

      @luvwhitedick I will find you in my dreams, Darling! My other alias is Chocolate Cherry White Boy! LOL!

    • froggy December 28, 2010

      great videos and shes perfect

    • luvwhitedick December 15, 2010

      DAMN!!! This is the best pussy eating video on this site!!! I would KILL for a man to eat my pussy like this. I am so fucking wet right now.

    • Ancient One December 8, 2010

      Give that girl an Academy award, and her lover a Best Supporting Actor.

    • hj December 6, 2010

      They both are aware that this will be going on the Internet because she says, "Are you really going to put an Altoid in your mouth?" and he says, "Sh, you can't endorse anything." So these aren't revenge.

    • ki December 6, 2010

      hj,i am not a native english speaker.. i can not guess what did they mean with "Are you really going to put an Altoid in your mouth?" and he says, "Sh, you can't endorse anything." may u explain?

    • Jealous November 22, 2010

      Fuck shes hot. I want to fuck her. Gently.

    • anal November 21, 2010


    • trizia November 21, 2010

      very hot cunnilinctus!!!!

    • jay November 21, 2010

      I don't think I'd ever leave the house if I got to be home eating that pussy all day

    • lovely slow body hip acti November 21, 2010

      love to feel those soft legs wrap around my neck pulling me into that soft clean pussy this girl loves to be eatten

    • Al November 21, 2010

      Makes me feel quite hungry

    • lalo November 21, 2010

      esta mujer esta hermosa

    • Hotty November 21, 2010

      So f'kn nice!

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