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18 yr old cute amateur girl makes video

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May 20, 2010
Da : Girls Do Porn

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Video Description:

very cute and innocent first time video model banged out and takes a load on her sweet face

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    • deepblue October 15, 2011

      so boooring

    • Blank September 19, 2011

      She needs that cum inside her not on her face

    • Not good September 15, 2011

      This is the bad side of porn. This is not a happy girl.

    • Mmm September 13, 2011

      I agree she is so young and condemned her life as porn star. She is beautiful women who will regret that for the rest of her life

    • @Mia September 10, 2011

      Total tool in my opinion

    • Mia August 29, 2011

      That guy is so fucking hot!!!

    • Jonas September 15, 2011

      Great-looking girl, but all the chatter in the beginning is pointless. All we want to see is her fuck and suck....

    • shit October 16, 2011

      this might be the most watched video on this site

    • canada man September 17, 2011

      A damn gud videoGirls even I can fuck same

    • lol condom August 29, 2011

      lol a condom dont see that alot

    • obigjohn September 15, 2011

      no doubt she is a HOTTIE with a stunningly gorgeous body just made to give a horny man with a hard, thick COCK his carnal PLEASURES. She did look a tad embarrased, but that is proof this is her 1st time making a PORN video, just about any normal person is timid & shy the 1st time, takes a few scenes too get comfortable with knowing you are being recorded & will be viewed by untold millions of complete strangers who will judge & score & rank you according to their own LIKES & DISLIKES. I know 'cause I've made some myself. Cheers.

    • Big D August 21, 2011

      Sexzy gurl

    • Timeportal July 28, 2011

      If you wanna talk shit and least talk some right shit there were never tenguys in the brigadoon closet you were never there None of you have hit t either so keep hating on that tight pussy if you think shes busted stop jacking off to it Keep hating and being jealous your making her more money

    • Ken July 27, 2011

      Hot ass in those tight jeans and out of them! Beautiful full, firm tits too...and she takes a facial!

    • Mda July 26, 2011

      i suck her pussy very much

    • Edward July 25, 2011

      i cum so much from her

    • ziroik July 31, 2011

      don't use condom skin 2 skin far better like this girl..............p

    • mmm August 1, 2011

      Aw man she can NOT ride a dick I would love to be on this show/site.

    • interested August 19, 2011

      Who is she?

    • Sssssssseeerrrr August 9, 2011

      What a girl! Would definatly show her a thing or 2

    • ify August 7, 2011

      Riding a dick or not she is a fine shag Skin 2 skin I agree

    • will October 17, 2011

      man that was boring

    • Dear Dear Me October 19, 2011

      Poor girl....10.53 Million Views. She hates it sooo much and at the end she closes her eyes, dicks shouldnt be exploiting such an innocent, young and gorgeous girl! She prob did this for money as a last resort. She will regret this now,,, Again....10.53 MILLION VIEWS

    • johan2ralph December 12, 2011

      I claim this video in the name of 9gag!

    • pornenthusiast December 12, 2011

      Don't quit your real job

    • That arkward moment December 12, 2011

      when 9gag brought you here

    • pimp December 10, 2011

      she is a really nice ho

    • BELOW December 16, 2011


    • I L Tits December 17, 2011

      Why is it that the girl int these videos never git to cum? Also why do the guys have to jerk off in there face to cum? If I got a chance at this girl she would be exhausted from cumming so much and have a much better attitude towards life. She would learn that there's a time to procreate and thers a time to have fun,and for a young woman to have fun she needs an older man.

    • Banana December 21, 2011

      Thats Gigi Rivera

    • Bajer December 21, 2011

      "I like to do it face to face" lol

    • simpleguy December 19, 2011

      she is hot but i really hope that she didnt do it for money but for her pleasure

    • Wek December 18, 2011


    • Pink....taco.pusher... December 8, 2011

      !dam all you kinky ass muthafuckers...make me feel..inocent......lmfao.....

    • she's hot but December 5, 2011

      was sad video..

    • Bob November 15, 2011

      Kenzie Marie and tori black are the shiz.

    • RAM November 12, 2011


    • Horny Kitty November 7, 2011

      no hips :P

    • kamadude October 26, 2011

      i'd rather tech her few kamasutra pos, her body is so perfect for this!

    • AXAY November 16, 2011


    • Very Dissappointed November 19, 2011

      Come on really NO money shot?? You have to be kidding me and why with the rubber i would love nothing more than to fill that pussy up to the brim and run it over

    • snoop November 28, 2011

      damn baby u wanna come to snoops house fo shiz

    • Sven Manguard November 28, 2011

      I ejaculated within five minutes

    • Master of Performance November 23, 2011


    • Butt July 24, 2011

      That dudes got too much goin for him great body big dick and two hot women

    • jojo July 20, 2011

      very beautiful

    • egal oder? May 4, 2011

      can find out the name of this woman pls? ...

    • blade May 4, 2011


    • May 3, 2011

      wow it's so cute i wan't him i wanna sex you baby

    • walker April 25, 2011

      I wan't to fuck this girl but........

    • manuel May 7, 2011

      nn male ma e meglio dal vero

    • xxx May 14, 2011

      great sex ruined by yet another stupid ending where the guy jerks off to cum. WTF. Weak.

    • DUUUUUUDDDDDEE May 28, 2011

      Watching this with three other guys while listening to George Michaels Careless Whisperer is really hot!!! Anal DEVASTATION!!!!!

    • lover4 May 26, 2011

      wow perfekter Body, tolle Titten knackig und lecker super sexy Beine in einer leckeren Jeans, cute face

    • hi May 19, 2011

      nr 200 :D

    • D May 16, 2011

      nice bedroom

    • Clint April 22, 2011

      Girlfriend material, not a porn queen

    • outback cowboy April 20, 2011

      she is the hottest i've girl i've ever seen but she looks so giulty for haven the sex 8==D

    • Fucker March 30, 2011

      This girl is so great!!! The best I have ever seen

    • sogeking March 30, 2011

      me too . by the way, she is pretty, and it's my type too. but doesn't fit in porn. go do something else

    • xxx March 28, 2011

      i hate videos that end with the guy jerking off to cum.

    • Silver Venom March 27, 2011

      i want you to be my girlfriend . !

    • hot April 3, 2011

      where can i download the full vid

    • fuzz me! April 7, 2011

      that boy is weak he's using condom. hope i was the boy! damn your sexy!

    • Laban April 17, 2011

      Sexy girl!!

    • sexy boy April 10, 2011

      fuck!! me!! sexy chick!! aha :P youre sow fucking sexy! DAMN IT!

    • Fuck yea! April 8, 2011

      Como se llama??? esta muy bonita

    • Know my Name May 31, 2011

      Where is all the biting? The hair pulling? ...The other fun stuff?!! Come on man, you should have given that amazing girl what she wanted, at least let her enjoy it. Boring dude with freaking seasures!! .Boiling Beer

    • Enoch June 1, 2011

      Does she really enjoy herself? I don't think so Deserves a better fuck mate

    • guy June 25, 2011

      shes so beautiful. i would love to date her and make love to her

    • fuck June 25, 2011

      i will so fuck her

    • f off June 25, 2011

      she deserves a cumshot in all her holes. that's what women do, they suck and fuck. she loved the dick.

    • Guilty June 25, 2011

      I got off, but the way she looks at the cum's sad. You can honestly tell she didn't want to do that...

    • poor girl June 30, 2011

      9 million views and she didnt even really want this... :/

    • payforfuck July 1, 2011

      @fany: yo t pago muy donde eres?

    • Ummh July 14, 2011

      Very hot body nice tight pussy

    • Taylorfetish July 14, 2011

      If you guys download the full video, you can see she actually enjoyed it. Her name is Taylor.

    • Laszay July 10, 2011

      Any1 know her name ?

    • :) June 23, 2011

      i like her shoes

    • ram June 22, 2011


    • BUTTHOLE MAN June 9, 2011


    • royal t June 4, 2011

      skeet skeet skeet

    • Raiza bato June 4, 2011


    • egal June 1, 2011

      where can i look the full large video? wo kann ich das volle und lange video kostenfrei sehen?

    • creep June 15, 2011

      she looks really ashamed of what she's doing. excellent..

    • Fany June 15, 2011

      yo tambien quiero que me paguen por hacer cosas asi ....quiero ser actriz porno quien me contrata

    • him June 20, 2011

      she is really fucking hot. looks a lot like a girl i know and would love to fuck this girl and give her everything she wanted

    • lilo June 20, 2011

      como se llama esta perra

    • I want her June 16, 2011

      As the name suggests, what's her name?

    • fuck December 22, 2011


    • LadyChick December 23, 2011

      So perfect girl

    • me. May 9, 2013

      She looks like shes having a seizure

    • Drew Peacock May 2, 2013

      Says she likes hair pulling so is obviously submissive but he gives her some tame fucking!! Grab her hair and arch her back while railing her from behind!!!

    • +Hornygirl April 30, 2013


    • pornman April 22, 2013

      want to have sex with me im a man

    • Rainbows & Ponies May 25, 2013

      I love porn comments they're too funny.

    • De Best July 1, 2013


    • joe August 26, 2013

      She crazy xD cuteee

    • Mr.goodcat August 24, 2013

      Ill bang that shit

    • big cock August 16, 2013

      boring she should have done better

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