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19 year old teenage brat

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May 6, 2010
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    • ananda November 19, 2011

      so sexy

    • sexygirl October 17, 2011

      mmmm its so hard boys i want you fuch me now !!!!!

    • hombre October 29, 2011


    • b16cok October 24, 2011

      @ hornythea, fuckme & sexygirl. i've got a big cock 4 you to suck n fuck. i'd love to get my tongue and cock into your tight wet pussies xxx

    • lessNEEDScock October 18, 2011

      I love old man even though i prefer girls, this made me crave a cock so badly

    • ify November 1, 2011

      dont you just love fucking teenage brats

    • nasty November 14, 2011

      its one big nasty ass lie. fake as hell.. and she isnt a freakin virgin

    • ventjay November 29, 2011

      wow is so sexy if you fuck that girl

    • xxx November 20, 2011

      fuck me now

    • mac November 4, 2011

      i cum in my tight undies during this video, i am jealous with her panty,if i would be her panty ,i will get chance to suck her pussy 24 hours

    • Fuckk October 13, 2011


    • ram September 26, 2011

      i am from india i like this fuck

    • Efrin September 24, 2011

      Selina I love hard fucking bitches. You and your friend with my rock hard cock swapping between your mouths and pussies would be awesome. Hope you can handle big loads I can lick and suck your cunts all night and still deliver.

    • Selina wanna fuck September 24, 2011

      Does anybody wanna fuck me and my friend cause when I watched this video it made me tingle inside. Anybody wanna fuck me and I will fuck them so hard that they will remember it forever

    • tony September 17, 2011

      So much cum in my cock ready for a cunt precum oozing out red knob throbbing. I Fucken want some cunt

    • Azif September 27, 2011

      I also like girl between her legs.

    • Azif September 29, 2011

      nice pussy inbetween her legs i love to play with

    • fuckme October 9, 2011


    • hornythea October 7, 2011

      wow..itsso nice,,,who want to lick and fuck me,.,,im 18 yrs old,,,,

    • Markus October 5, 2011

      Good movie for amateur actors. Nice and...5* more :-)

    • big dick 123 December 10, 2011

      Good ass and puss

    • ass December 12, 2011

      my favourite

    • 123 February 4, 2012

      spank her ass and fuck her good

    • Duke17 January 25, 2012

      hot grl hot bod she is definitely a brat but once she puts her mind to fucking she use her tite yng cunt efficiently, nice suck & cum she is hot.

    • Efrin January 17, 2012

      Mold...You have a point but personally I wouldn't have noticed or cared if I had that girl in the shower i'd be too busy licking, sucking and fucking her.

    • Mold January 17, 2012

      In the shower scene, did anyone else notice all the mildew in the lines between the shower tiles? You can tell it's mold because the lines are a lot darker on the bottom half of the shower, where the water splashes more. It's pretty sad they didn't at least clean the shower before filming that scene.

    • R. February 8, 2012

      I think this video requires a certain degree of sophistication in order to have a full experience of its many intricacies, namely the recurrent use of brat, which seems to be a common form of insult but instead depicts a volatile innocence that is being lost in today's civilization. One must take great care, for it must be watched leaving all previous judgments and misconceptions behind. It is truly a piece of art.

    • Uncle Fester February 10, 2012

      brat, unruly, nasty type of girl that needs a good fucking to help her change her ways. Great sexy movie though

    • PP February 21, 2012

      you are all fucked ,that pussy was so sloppy and loose liked she has just fucked a horse,your all turned on by the school uniform

    • xxx February 18, 2012

      :) like 2 lick

    • art683 February 11, 2012

      This is my niece Brandy Nash. No fucking her. I eat her through her white panties. She loves it.

    • Sexprincess January 12, 2012

      Mmmm.... I love to have sex with that guy....he's sooo hot

    • tbbvirgin January 8, 2012

      damn yall all making my pussy wet ill fuck u lumpy!!! nd i wouldnt mind having a three some anybody.....

    • SexiJade December 17, 2011

      Omg I'm a straight girl but i would finger fuck aurora & let my boyfriend fuck her

    • Claire Richards December 15, 2011

      Wish that guy was fucking my pussy

    • Hi December 14, 2011

      Fuck me

    • sexii bitch December 19, 2011

      i wont to suck dick right know so if any one wonts to fuck me i have a friend to do a three some wth

    • hotnut December 19, 2011


    • firefighter January 2, 2012

      anybody for a threesome

    • 123 December 26, 2011

      teenage brats like her need a good fucking

    • rakesh December 23, 2011

      she is damn hot

    • dayum September 8, 2011

      Yeah, I basically fell asleep. This is the most boring video I've ever seen. Yaaawwwwnnn

    • Skulsvar September 7, 2011

      @FuckedHard If i get my firend for you to suck and to fuck your pussy can i bang your asshole all night long? You'd love my thick 8" cock

    • pussylicker May 16, 2011

      this vid mkes me so wet......i wanna fuck her so hard

    • lesbianhottie May 9, 2011

      mm i could fuck aurora better than that fugly ass guy. makes me so wet in my panties

    • o shett May 9, 2011

      camone with me darling? its my favorate play!

    • honey May 5, 2011

      i just want 2 fuck dis girl she is sooo Sexiii

    • xxx May 17, 2011

      @sexyboy, Fuck me! I am an Indian too. ;)

    • s May 20, 2011

      lol metallica '92 tour poster.

    • omg June 1, 2011

      this is why i wish i had a pussy............

    • ij90 May 23, 2011

      the acting is just the best!

    • kaye May 23, 2011

      i love sex...

    • MrPeeps April 23, 2011

      WHOA whoa whoa! Little BRAT? No need for that kind of language, I know this is a porno but there are boundaries not to be crossed.

    • Erynn April 20, 2011

      @ SexiTits why dont you let me lick that wet pussy

    • STE ISAIAH April 12, 2011

      makes me fuck isaiah. Aaahh.. my pusy is dripling. poor husband he needs to sip it all. Have Fun my husband.

    • toha April 11, 2011

      Very beautiful girl!!! Cool tits !!!! I want her!!!

    • assman April 10, 2011

      he didn't spank that ass nearly long enough. also a good ass fucking would have been in order.

    • SexiTits April 16, 2011

      Sooo wet after this vid. Gonna finger my wet pussy..

    • t2 April 17, 2011

      lick my dick.........

    • lord of porn..... April 20, 2011

      yeah.....i want to fuck this gurl....

    • jo April 19, 2011

      Wooouu ^^ very very good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • naomi April 18, 2011

      omg!!! FUCK ME !!!!!!

    • hernan June 1, 2011

      osi muneca estas super vuena cadaves que veo este video me masturvo vien rico guaoooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • JBrack June 4, 2011

      Aurora as a supposed brat runs contrary to type, although she gives it a decent try. Her natural screen persona has always been as the sweet girl, which is just the way she comes across. This video, as has been pointed out, is hard to buy on various counts, but I am inclined to overlook them because Aurora looks so beautiful.

    • Fg August 12, 2011

      Why didnt they bang

    • horng mother fucker August 6, 2011

      Id fuuck her annd ima a womaan

    • shay August 6, 2011

      watching his cock slide in and out of her has made my pussy so wet and I need to cum

    • arb August 5, 2011

      yea right i always see "women sleeping in just their bras this isSO scripted "

    • master041 August 18, 2011

      man i will like to suck her pussy and put my cok in the pussy

    • Olan d man August 20, 2011

      Go!! suck and fuck your monitor=)

    • kaka September 6, 2011

      how beautiful that dick relaxe that chaick was no screaming no sheriking...

    • paul August 24, 2011

      welshminx i would wet so much your pussy with my tongue you would go crazy and after i would fuck you until you beg to stop

    • welshminx x August 23, 2011

      OMG!! ID love to have my wet pussy fingered and licked like that.... im so wet after watching mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • lalala August 4, 2011

      she doesnt seem beatty enough

    • That's the lovely July 25, 2011

      Aurora Snow

    • joel June 21, 2011

      dats hot so sosow hot i fillng naked

    • Michelangelo June 19, 2011

      BEN FATTO FIGLIOLO! FANTASTICA AURORA! Well done, boy! Awesome Aurora!

    • nons June 10, 2011

      aurora is a sexy beauty...........

    • cocker June 27, 2011

      why is that book open at the end, ruins the whole f==ng thing

    • obama July 7, 2011

      really it is nce i wanna fuck you babe

    • swagger jagger July 24, 2011

      OMG, this video makes me sooo wett. Am a virgin and get sooo turned on by the lad takin control mmmmm, i get to the point i think am gonna squirt alil or cum mmmm x

    • jiichan July 19, 2011

      then,when's anal lesson?

    • Clint July 13, 2011

      Mixed reactions to this porno from a lot of you. Not great but a nice little story line and some good action from two fit lovers.

    • Samantha February 21, 2012

      Girl is beautiful! Guy's just like any other man trying to satisfy himself and only himself. No wonder I love women we do know how to satisfy each other! Fuck that macho SOB

    • Ms February 21, 2012

      I liked the video but her pussy is so big o.O I know that when you're on period the pussy gets larger but hers was TOO larger

    • myself April 26, 2013

      this girl i is real hoooooottt

    • aneber March 10, 2013


    • PoE March 8, 2013

      Path of Exile - Style :D

    • Titman February 10, 2013

      Fuck, I want to fuck her right now. My cock is rock hard

    • g May 31, 2013

      she looks so much like kelly macdonald

    • GuysLoveBJ June 1, 2013

      Chris Cannon is hot...

    • yhangzggg July 13, 2013


    • Kecskes July 10, 2013

      This is one of your better effort. Good camerawork, even some acting by Aurora. Too bad, that her boyfriend has all the appeal of a gorilla. She would deserve a guy with more class.

    • creampier July 1, 2013

      the guy`s a pussy master

    • pussylove February 3, 2013

      omg the way he lick it... i m so wet right now

    • Threesome January 27, 2013

      With my girlfriend and her, dump loads in both their pussies

    • udifir December 1, 2012

      song in the background?

    • ian November 20, 2012


    • Billy November 19, 2012

      Watching bathing beauties has always been one of my favorite fantasies. It also came true a couple of times, when I was young, but that's a long story!!

    • Gebralters November 16, 2012

      she's exceptionally beautiful, but i couldnt help but notice a james bondian type tune begin playing when she gets in the shower lol.

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