TUSHY Exclusive: Riley Reid Is Sick of the Simple Life and Wants a New Adventure, Check out Her First Anal Scene. Bottoms Up!
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    • Petya. June 26, 2011

      Pizda- Pussy in russian. Dibili bleat'.

    • Linda July 3, 2011

      Her name is pizda.

    • Squidward June 17, 2011

      Man, who cares what the title means? Just enjoy the video ;)

    • Biggi June 17, 2011

      Pizda is pussy in polish, slovenian, croatian, serbian and romanian. In russian is pisda. ;)

    • polak May 29, 2011

      pizda is in polish means pussy;D Kurwa!:D

    • Bubc June 8, 2011

      Slovenian or croatian or serbian. pizda=vagina

    • Dom July 25, 2011

      she has a pretty face , nice body , cute pussy and ass and nice tits i think shes perfect

    • Tim September 13, 2011

      Ashlynn Brooke

    • JAR August 12, 2012

      ASHLYN BROOKE, and Pizda = CUNT! not Pussy lol

    • Bogdan November 12, 2012

      @savo "slave-lands "..." romania": you really don't have any clue about România. România isn't a slavic country, but a francofone-romanic country. Well ... also all other country's took some words of advice from us ;) If you don't know that already, you can just google for Tracs, Dacs, and Geto-Dacs, (i doubt that you will be able to find something in english, because in Română Tracs, Dacs, and Geto-Dacs are Traci, Daci și Geto-Daci). My jobe here is done.

    • LOL June 11, 2012

      Русские хули

    • Polish girl February 5, 2012

      Pizda means pussy in polish!!!

    • savo December 6, 2011

      pizda= serbian... but you can use it in all slave-lands ( romania russia serbia bosnia croatia...)

    • kdfjklgasf April 27, 2011

      pizda is pussy in polish

    • Bleep April 12, 2011

      pizda= vagine in romanian i kow that because i am frome there

    • .. SCAM November 25, 2010

      whats with the loop of the cum shot? lol

    • vandal oner January 18, 2011

      word.. she's hot though.

    • Jimbo November 7, 2010

      Ah man she gives such good head. I would have jizzed several times.

    • not deano October 16, 2010


    • deano June 11, 2010

      ashyn brookes

    • chuks September 23, 2010


    • Kurac January 31, 2011

      hey "pizda" jebo te kurac.

    • DvsDD February 1, 2011

      Pizda means Pussy in romanian! ;-)

    • jhdflhg March 12, 2011

      This is russian

    • deli March 19, 2011

      i saw faded blurry pic of her,i got the 2009 club mag the month i turned 18 n got her mac ,i jerked off to her pics till i finally found a real vid of her,i just launched a HUGE LOAD

    • fucker86 February 15, 2011

      this is also on ex jugoslavia pizda=vagina

    • mike February 3, 2011

      maybe in russian?

    • what February 1, 2011

      romanian? hahahaha bullcrap this is in polish

    • Curious George June 9, 2010

      Who is that girl!!??

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