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Best Friends Mom

Pubblicità da Traffic Junky
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September 4, 2009
Da: Do My Mom

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    • foneaz December 3, 2011

      She is beautiful and any man or woman, would like to fuck her 24/7..

    • tata September 10, 2012

      i got a 8 inch dickkk for any mom out there

    • shayla September 15, 2012

      This guy can eat the HELL out of some pussy!!!!

    • ansh July 7, 2012

      10 hour power

    • sex June 24, 2012

      very2 nice....very fuck

    • maria ozawa June 22, 2012

      very nice....i want sex with you hot.....come to me

    • bucky October 1, 2012

      One HOT momma for sure. I would love to eat her and rim that perfect ass until she begged me to fuck her all day and all night. Where can I find a Hot momma like her willing to fuck me. Hey Natsha I'll give you a good eating and fucking.

    • benson July 6, 2012 fuking mom

    • Post as... October 10, 2012

      Leave a comment... que rico mama el coñito tanto que el mio se me hace agua ummm

    • Sexy hungry mom November 2, 2012

      Am damn wet and horny. I want to be fuck my pussy is wet. Isthere anyone who want to lick it?

    • jim November 4, 2012

      Dam she looks like this lady i know her and name is linda and i would love to fuck her

    • sexy boy October 29, 2012

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    • guest-dick October 22, 2012

      my neighbour cathy

    • neel October 20, 2012

      So horny now

    • comd June 22, 2012

      i want sex with...

    • unknown June 4, 2012

      i think he cummed in his pant at 3:00

    • asasdasd February 28, 2012

      need her name !!!

    • SexySailor March 5, 2012

      xD I love the "Teenage casual" of a backwards cap and a turtleneck sweater. Then, the fucking music? Sounded like they were in a video game. "You must cum in order to get to the next level". xD

    • VENO February 23, 2012


    • teen February 18, 2012

      i want a guy to suck my tits and kiss me like that

    • joe January 12, 2012

      i went to pick up my friend to take to the airport he was still packing and his mom was walking around house shirt and panties while i waited she than sit in my lap ask what plans i had today and started rubing her ass in my lap she said come back after i drop him off when i got back walked in she come to me and tore my cloths off after i come about 6 times she said we take break and we have more sex she didnt let me leave until she was done with me

    • Linda February 1, 2012

      Yes Im Spanish! Latina why?

    • Noah March 12, 2012

      Hot lady, but dude couldn't even fuck her?

    • mumuffer69 March 29, 2012

      I want to eat her pussy and lick her ass hole. Then give her a long sweaty fuck and lick her clean.

    • natsha May 31, 2012

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    • Bob ong November 10, 2012

      what is her name? full name

    • connor May 27, 2012

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    • natsha May 24, 2012

      i need a boy like that...

    • felix May 18, 2012

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    • I wanna fuck u June 20, 2012

      HEy girlz fuck u all.R u ready.??

    • George April 2, 2013

      I will lick your pussy

    • Jim April 23, 2015

      Dam i was watching this and thinking about this lady friend i know. She called me over and she was wearing just a bath rob and she came over to me and drop that bath rob. Dam for an older women she and i had so much fun when no one home. If you watching this Linda that what i what to due to you

    • Rajesh May 7, 2015

      Nice videos

    • Jim October 12, 2014

      she looks like one of my friends mom. I was over at her place one day and i notice she walk out in the front room with just her bath rob on and she drop if down and ask me if this what i what and ever since that day i love doing older women like her and wish i could find some older women like her again

    • watch out September 19, 2014

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    • frustrated June 7, 2014

      Where do they keep such sexy willing ladies with great body appealing pussies that need all the attention one can give them. Wow I want one like her.

    • Jim June 29, 2014

      dam she looks like my friends mom. I always what to due an older women like herself. I wish Linda would let me due her like this. I wish i could fuck her

    • biaki May 15, 2015


    • SexyMiaxox May 27, 2015

      Gawd dat woman was a pervert XD

    • omgyesss August 18, 2015

      The 'music' absolutely sucks.

    • Jim August 22, 2015

      I would love to fuck something like her. Dam she is hot and i would love to due my friends wife. She about her age and looks just like her. I have a big crush on this women and i wish i could due her. I saw her today and dam she looks so good but the husband home. I wish you would let me due you Linda

    • Jaffy Mudbuster August 12, 2015

      I love this video!! More porn needs to be this simple with honest passion. Im so fucking sick of shredded assholes from all this gonzo humiliation porn that degrades women in ridiculous unrealistic extreme penetration, dp, atm, slap a bitch pornos it is just so fckn played out. This milf is feeling every second with him and she takes this clip to another lever. I love so much about this its gonna take forever to explain. SHES SO SEXY IT HURTS tho so here goes my review. From the outset she has a calm, comfortable, endearing aura about her no try hard to it. At first it may seem as if it could be any of a thousand similar clips you've seen before, its actually unusual if you pay attention tho. She means it when kisses him from. Her every intention and action can be seen in her body language. When he starts sucking her tits she begins bursting with passion and its clear when she moves to kiss his ear and rubs her nose on him to let him know hes ringing her bell on her fire is white hot. Now Ill skip the obvious fact that she loves what he does when he goes down on her. Pay attention to the blowjob scene because thats where I got lost in this clip and focusing on anything else became so difficult. Notice the slow manner in which she goes to work on his wang. She grabs up that piss pump wit da ( #KUNG FOO GRIP) like its all she wants in the world and she cant risk losing her new favorite toy. It is so fucking sexy when pauses and pulls away to get more focus as if with each pause shes taking mental snapshots for her spank bank and after each lick her eyes say it all. One sexy little bitch to be sure.

    • I m look for a girlfriend July 30, 2015

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    • jose July 12, 2015

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    • lol June 6, 2014

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    • the director March 18, 2014

      corny music and abrupt editting......bad editor and editting. do it again.

    • j June 22, 2013

      i fucked all my best friends mom 99.9% but the other on is playing hard to get

    • Joan July 12, 2013


    • hornypriya May 21, 2013

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    • nice fuck! May 17, 2013

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    • Jim April 28, 2013

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    • mund August 26, 2013

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    • `pussy eater October 14, 2013

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    • Ian February 6, 2014

      Who is this blonde? One of the nicest looking women I've ever seen ! Need to see more of her videos.

    • jk March 2, 2014

      Cunnilingus a 1 minute and 56 seconds, fellatio at 2 minutes and 51 seconds. Wha was next? At 5 minutes and 49 seconds a shift to doggy style position. Was there a scene where SHE put HIS erect penis into HER warm, moist vagina? No. Bad video... typical porn video uses a woman to illustrate how a man gets off on her.

    • doesn't matter January 15, 2014

      Who's the woman?!!?! I know her first name is Tara...?

    • joe0707 January 11, 2014


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    • Keixer December 4, 2011

      Buen video pero q musik tan mala, y ni hablar, sin penetracion!!!!

    • giulia December 3, 2011


    • tig October 5, 2010

      nice vid

    • Iranian October 24, 2010

      I like fucking that wonderfull ma everyday. Can i Mary her?

    • really? October 4, 2010

      the shity piano music killed it for me :(

    • lilbear88 October 1, 2010

      haha yall guys talkin about fukin yo friends mom... thats cute. My boyfriend is my dad's best friend :) and he fuks me better then i ever bin fuked in my life! WOW! older ppl fuk good lol

    • Earl Marshall August 27, 2010

      I'm in love. Wow. She is something!

    • Mr E September 23, 2010

      Yes Tony--Everyone should try a MILF they are so experienced and they do anal very tight.They milk every drop of semen out of you and then suck you right back to erect and they sure like sucking their juices(ass or pussy) off your dick after you been deep inside them.

    • sanjib November 2, 2010

      very hot and sexy videos good story

    • fan November 23, 2010

      I'd really like to know this woman's name. She's hot.

    • koko January 6, 2011

      tre tre tre belle vidou

    • bingo January 13, 2011

      Bel corpo e bel pompino

    • <3 December 16, 2010

      i hate this music shit, takes the mood away

    • A December 9, 2010

      Fuckin' nut ass music. Ruined the video.

    • harry November 30, 2010

      girls take note. that is how to suck a cock.

    • bob angggie August 8, 2010

      nice video

    • Tony July 31, 2010

      Back when I was 24 I got fucked by the landlady of my local pub. She was 28 years older than me and hot. Had a good year-long affair with her, meeting up at least once a week, mostly at her house when her husband was at the pub; he never suspected a thing (neither did my girlfriend). To this day, she was the best fuck I ever had, and could deep throat back when most girls gagged on the helmet. Taught me how to do anal properly too. Every young guy should try an older woman; all your subsequent partners will be grateful for what she teaches you. Nearly 30 years later, I still think of her, and wished to god I'd had a video camera at the time.

    • JR June 17, 2010

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    • TOMMY June 17, 2010

      My friends Mom will only take me in the ass,for fear she will get pregnant,but she has one fuck of a tight asshole,I have trouble penetrating it even with lube,it tastes great too.

    • wow June 15, 2010

      i don t know ,only chica s look s that good..

    • pikachoo June 13, 2010

      who is she???what´s her name

    • hotmomma June 9, 2010

      now that's eating cum!

    • wow!!! June 12, 2010

      the best job i ever seen....

    • James June 17, 2010

      My friends Mom stopped one time I was having car trouble.Boy did she help.She pulled out my dipstick and drained it,then she lubed it up and stuck it in her rear end and then it boiled over onto her tailpipe.Thank god shes about rear end drive.

    • RT June 18, 2010

      My friends Mom taught me everything about anal.She would love to suck my cock right after it came out of her rectum and would love it when I came in her ass so she could shit my load back out.Then she would lap it all back up.

    • lou lou July 26, 2010

      would like my friends son to do that to me

    • THATLOOKSGOOD July 26, 2010

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    • hornymallaika July 20, 2010

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    • joe July 19, 2010

      HOT BABE!!! Does it all. What's her name?

    • ARIZONA60 July 19, 2010


    • paul January 16, 2011

      alguien sabe el nombre de esta hermosa mujer por favor escribamelo

    • josue January 20, 2011

      some longer video?

    • Clando July 28, 2011

      Her name is Tara.

    • vsvdigie July 30, 2011

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    • 007 July 26, 2011

      i want new video baby

    • Bowlme July 16, 2011

      This has to be the worst porn music ever!!!!!!

    • nano July 11, 2011

      well done good job

    • Hotwok19 July 14, 2011

      She's an absolute dream of a hot milf!.So very pretty & she sucks cock like a champ & swallows too! I think I am in lurve!!!.

    • Iva Stiffy August 21, 2011

      Look at 3.43... see the wet patch on his jeans? He came in his pants.... one thing I wouldn't do - I would fill her pussy instead.

    • jim August 22, 2011

      this is a good looking woman and she reminds me of the mom of the gf I had when I was in college. I came into town, went over to my gf's house but she was still at work (had to work until someone else got there). Her mom and I got talking and soon she was sitting on my lap with her arm around my neck. I told her that we shouldn't be doing anything, so she got up, went back to her bedroom. I thought I should probably leave and come back later, so I went back to tell her I would come back later and she was masturbating on her bed. I didn't leave and we almost got caught by my gf.

    • alexxx October 25, 2011

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