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Private Lesbian Sex Tape HOT

Pubblicità da Traffic Junky
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May 21, 2007
Da: Utente anonimo
Video Description: Lesbian Sex Tape

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    • The Girlies.. December 28, 2012

      Hey Lovies!!!! Wow so many awesome comments... Guess you guys liked us ;o.... Well we love you too Youporners....And Thanks for watching our video Love~ Melissa And Hannah ;)

    • jane doe October 9, 2012

      if there were more videos like this, i wouldn't have to watch gay men porn all the time.

    • kian December 26, 2012

      they made love

    • December 29, 2011

      Oh my god I wish they had a website full of these. This is the first time I've seen a lesbian sex tape that isn't meant to get guys off. They're actually having sex.....for real. This reminds me of why being a lesbian is so great, and sorry guys, but you shouldn't be allowed to see this ;P Also, for those of you that think that every woman needs a cock, fuck you. I've never had one, never really wanted one besides the ones my girl and I use ;)

    • came twice September 10, 2011

      I wish there was a web site that had authentic porn of women making love, like this. This was so damn erotic!

    • X March 23, 2012

      Is there a part 2?

    • Em February 18, 2012

      Yes. Perfect. This is why I love being a lesbian. Loved the nose/ circular movement while going down.... These girls know what their doing!!! Lesbian approved

    • MNLesbian December 29, 2011

      Oh god I need that right now...Sooooo bad *tears* I love the sound of her coming.....

    • ch December 22, 2011

      this is the real lesbian sex. not like that straight girls sex.

    • orgasmsyum May 6, 2012

      Fuck Yes Fuck Yes! mmmmm i love being a lesbian. i need some ass right fucking nowwwwwww

    • Tina December 24, 2011

      everything but the strap-on!

    • Mara December 24, 2011

      Oh my that was absolutely incredible, this is what real lesbian sex is all about, and i love how they don't use dildo's just they're hands and bodies. * sigh i need a woman right now

    • carlo December 13, 2011

      I want lick their pussies also. And fuck those two

    • shutup November 28, 2011

      fuck thats fucking hot and such a turn on

    • sally November 27, 2011

      I wish my first lesbian sex will be just like this

    • Nj December 4, 2011

      Yeah girl thats what im talking about ;)

    • love the movie December 10, 2011

      i have rubbed my clit to this loads of times

    • Ruby December 12, 2011

      Huh, guess My girlfriend has more argument now, I keep telling her that we don't use toys, but after seeing this she wanted to try them. Still, she does lick my pussy well so I guess I'll try that.

    • Dallas December 13, 2011

      Im in dallas...anyone wanna try that with me?

    • perfect January 12, 2012

      first time i ever came across a video of true lesbian sex...I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT.. so damn proud of these two!! exactly how my gf and i do things ;) mmmm very very sexy

    • The Big Bang Brother March 9, 2012


    • tutustuminen February 29, 2012

      well they still need a strap-on cock...

    • super March 12, 2012

      vorrei vedere mia moglie in una situzione cisi

    • mico March 29, 2012

      that was fucking hott

    • pussylove April 1, 2012

      That was so fucking AMAZING!!!

    • Crackin strap on rythem February 20, 2012

      Id crawl through broken glass just to throw stones at their poo

    • Yoink February 10, 2012

      I understand the blonde/female part, but what is the gal thinking doing the guy part? I dont get it.

    • admirer April 22, 2012

      This is what the internet was made for. Also, I'd LOVE to know the story behind it.

    • Bob Dobelina November 25, 2011

      Oh, Oh, OH - those girls are HOTTT, I'm in love with the blonde. She makes me want to be born a chick just so I can get fucked by her - Damn this huge coil of meat, damn it to hell!!!!

    • Loveless January 25, 2012

      Shet! i love this....

    • KATE January 28, 2012

      woww this is soo hott

    • iwanksomuch January 6, 2012

      ive come buckets over this video. these girls are so hot and i will be coming again in the next 5 mins. ty girls.x.

    • November 18, 2011

      Hoh my god this reminded me why I love being a lesbian......And its real lesbian sex :D :D :D If all lesbian porn was like this, I'd watch it more often. Talk about REAL DEAL. Hope they enjoyed themselves because I did....

    • kaka September 27, 2011

      wat a sound of sheriking she had

    • cali girl September 18, 2011

      can anyone hear what the blond one says towards the end regarding the dildo? its near the part where she says "i havent had one before" haha so hot!!!

    • t October 1, 2011

      Whats bad for mexico, is bad for mexicans

    • me October 4, 2011

      why couldn't the person focusing the camera move it a bit to keep her face in the shot?

    • wulf October 16, 2011

      wunderfull..real lesbian sex a real rareness on the internet

    • norba October 7, 2011

      Like you

    • Ky September 12, 2011

      trust me HORNY, we don't need a cock to get pleased. In fact I've pleased more straight girls then lesbians because guys can't get the girls off right. Its so sad to think that most guys don't finish their girl off.. ugh disgusts me, on a brighter note this is HOT

    • horny September 12, 2011

      see i dont cear how lesbian u r girls alwas need a cock.

    • Horny as hell September 6, 2011

      I am single and ready to FUCK!!!! Whew that was hot!!!!

    • KB September 6, 2011

      A perfect tribute to the late, great Phil Hartman

    • sorry September 6, 2011

      that was incredibly boring

    • Naty September 7, 2011

      Por fin un video real y sexy

    • horny lesbian September 9, 2011

      After this video me and my girl had sex maratone for 3 hours! I see, that this dwo hot woman are autenticly lesbians, not straight ladies, who want make males horny. thank you!!!!

    • abby and dan September 9, 2011

      my wife and just masturbated to this together. she cummed twice and shes straight. i got to cum on her tits. i got her to watch as a joke and she got so into it. she just started stripping, forgeting i was there. it was so hot. she said she might try licking pussy sometime and let me watch. shes got some hot friends so i cant wait.

    • lezgirl October 16, 2011

      Thank you guys..that was amazing

    • Lol October 17, 2011

      Fukn music lmao

    • HORSE October 30, 2011


    • J.K. October 27, 2011

      I came so hard... God... They're making love beautifully! Real lesbian sex! I don't have a gf anymore, so I just fantasize that one of them was me and the other was Sara Quin (she's just the cutest and hottest lesbian musician in the world... Fuck, I want her so bad!)

    • Imlesii November 1, 2011

      That's the one and only reason I am lesbian !! Holy shit that was sexy as fuck

    • Live Brodcast November 14, 2011

      Assuming a live TV broadcast then this was filmed on Thursday Aug 1, 2002

    • This is from 2003 May 15, 2012

      Commercial for "Blood Work" with Clint. Long live lesbos.

    • Sexyy November 15, 2011

      Im so fucking wet and wanna just do this so fucking bad. So one come do this with me.

    • Mejust October 25, 2011

      It's good, but the tv noise destroyed it. I'd prefer listening to the girls than to men on their tv.

    • Jim October 24, 2011

      I just watch this video for the James Taylor music...the girls don't do much for me.

    • jealousgirl October 20, 2011

      omfg i would so turn lesbian cause of this video! i wish my bf would lick me like that mmm! so jealous

    • Stunned October 18, 2011

    • sonia October 20, 2011

      thats why its sooo good to be a lesbian!! totaly of felling, pasion,ect so hot and wet! so fuckable both of them!!! mmmmm

    • bitch October 20, 2011

      was this done in 1993? I love the brunette, I want to eat her pussy and ass

    • Jenny October 24, 2011

      This is why i love being a lesbian!!! No man can fuck a woman like a woman can, sorry men. (ive fucked men before so i have experience with both!) :p

    • Thank You, Girls!! October 21, 2011

      These girls are doing beautiful things to each other. I just love the intense fingering of the vagina and sounds of sexual pleasure as the girls approach orgasm. So desperate for orgasms. And they just keep fingering and fingering until they cum several times. They are also in love with each other and sensual with soft skinn that feels good when they mount each other. This is a beautiful sight to see but please make another video with someone getting the camera closer and with better lighting so we can see how pretty your fcaes and pussies are. Thank you, girls for posting a video showing your amazing sex!!

    • horny love November 23, 2011

      I fucking love this video my pussy is soooo wet now mmmmmmmm

    • ? May 25, 2012

      those girls from cypress? look real familiar ha

    • morethanadick September 18, 2013

      if this shit is real, it's the best sex tape i've ever seen

    • TrippyGirl August 28, 2013

      How many orgasms did she have lol I couldn't keep count with me or her :( lol

    • athleticgurl October 2, 2013

      that blonde is fucking hot, would love to have someone like that as my girlfriend...

    • themaninside November 9, 2013

      brunette love touching titts

    • ANDREA January 20, 2014

      I LOVE YOU

    • sigh January 16, 2014

      shame for the loud tv

    • CJ August 18, 2013

      Wow. This video is 20 yrs old. That SNL episode was in November 1993.

    • ladybug14 August 13, 2013

      i like this. i hope i can try to have sex with a lady too. :((((((

    • franciszka June 6, 2013


    • Xm June 4, 2013

      Hot mmMMMMMmmmmmMMMASHh

    • tg June 23, 2013

      wow what a video, love the blonde

    • haha July 18, 2013

      Waynes world! Party time!!

    • Great Soundtrack July 20, 2013


    • awesome July 20, 2013


    • Akielus March 13, 2014

      Ufff i wish I could have them both in my bed lol...

    • jack April 20, 2014

      Dam dat ass just bind over and then the magic happens.

    • Bi wife bradley il February 28, 2015

      This is a fairly old video, if you listen to the audio in the background " Saturday night live starring Chris Farley " he died in 1997. Either way it's a great video!

    • Chris Farley January 9, 2015

      SNL on the TV is an episode back in 1993 but it might be a re run

    • snakeman April 15, 2015

      need to see them eating that pussy,see there faces better

    • Badass May 26, 2015

      Awww please make me cum so hard: I would do that to any girl that want me to do, I'd make her scream really loud, fuck me please babe

    • wanja August 31, 2015

      perhaps a stupid question, but what is the first song on the background? I LOVE it, almost as much as Ilove this video ;-)

    • Studforfemme June 7, 2015

      Very hot you two (; glad to see actual lesbian sex rather than the bullshit "gay for pay" women that run the porn industry. Loved it!

    • maxwell0731 October 18, 2014

      what an incredible video - both of you so very sexy- MINT!!!!!!!

    • themaninside October 15, 2014

      10000 applause for these two

    • GirlsGirlsGirls July 5, 2014

      Oh my god, I fucking love this. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about how hot it would be to eat another girl's pussy and fuck her that good, making her moan and cum over and over. I can't put into words how much I want to make love to a woman like that. I'm so fucking gay for women. Fuck.

    • bisex555 April 22, 2014

      One of the hottest lesbian videos! I always get so wet when I see it and cum many times... I wish I was one of them.

    • Fred August 12, 2014

      Would be better with different music

    • lesbian4747 September 12, 2014

      There has to be a pt 2 somewhere.....

    • Cold Steel October 6, 2014

      I love James Taylor,he's the best !!

    • rosie May 11, 2013

      i agree. she has amazing body

    • rosie May 5, 2013

      The blonde has amazing tits. and love her moans

    • Ineedanothertaste July 29, 2012

      This video is amazing, it makes me so wet. I have tried pussy one time but it was a while back now. I want to try a nice wet pussy... I wouldnt mind doing skype with another a bit shy but i really want to taste, and feel a soft pussy in my mouth . The tthing I remember most is how soft my friend was.

    • Your Tongue July 10, 2012

      oh god. i wish a girl could just lick my pussy. i'm so fucking horny right now. nobody here to lick and fuck my wet pussy. o hell, i need a tongue down there.... oh, please!

    • Still Horny.. August 5, 2012

      I came twice. Squirted on the second time. Neeeeed a girl's face to sit on right now!!

    • LSB~ August 20, 2012

      Gets me off everytime. Want girl to make me like this....

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